2019 · March

Time To Dig In

Hello, Readers!

Happy Monday and the last week of March. This month went by in a whirlwind. I swear it only just started and now I have gone and blinked and we are at the end of the month already.

This month didn’t come near to the goals that I set out for it. However, I’m kicking back into gear. Book 3, Blood Curses is in production now and book 2, Poisonous Revenge is now with the editor.

I wish to thank all the readers of The Opseti Guard. Your support means the world to me and when you suggest my book to friends and family it helps me as well. The more readers that I can gather the better. Seriously, the support and readership I have received thus far with the book has blown my mind and brought me such joy. After all, that is why all of us write, isn’t it?

Next month begins Camp NaNoWriMo. I did sign up for it to complete Blood Curses. However, as I haven’t written even close to what I wanted to prior, it will be writing the entire novel. That works, though.

I also still have the short story to write for the charity anthology for this year. That one is ready to go as well as soon as I get this novel finished.

I never did completely get Blood Curses converted down to chapters, but I’m going to be working on writing from 8-3 during the day and then I can fuss with converting the plot points over to chapters later at night. That should keep things flowing for book three so that I can get it written quickly and ready for the next step of the journey.

I’m currently looking at a release for the second book of May/June. I’ll be able to make a more definite plan when I get closer to having things ready to go between editing, formatting and the final read through.

While book 4 will need some adjusting from the plot as I originally had it ready to go for book 3, it won’t take much adjusting. The goal is to release 4 books as well as the charity anthology this year. I think that is a great way to begin my writing career where I am working on a more consistent basis.

All this time that I have taken off lately has taken its toll on my motivation and drive. Once that depletes it does take a lot of pushing to get it rebuilt back up again. I knew that and still, I made excuses to not write. Nothing being worth stopping writing over.

Mentally I’m doing a lot of work over here to get back on track and get things accomplished over here. I have a new work schedule worked out as I am back to babysitting my grandbabies so my daughter can work. While I miss her now that she is back to work, I know that it has to be done. Plus, it gives me quality time with my grandies, which is always great. I love my monkey boys.

So, those are the plans for the foreseeable future. The short story will be written between books 3 & 4 so I can get that edited and ready to go as well. The due date for that one is early August.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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