2019 · March

It Nears

Hello, Readers!!!

April is drawing ever closer. Which means the beginning of Camp Nano. I had plans to start a new schedule but it hasn’t gone as planned so far.

I’ve been under a great deal of stress in my personal life which has made it so I’m barely sleeping. In turn, not taking care of myself with enough sleep and food, means my hormones have been off and have caused me to suffer from anxiety attacks that are far more severe then they’ve ever been. By the time I can get my anxiety to dissipate it leaves me absolutely exhausted so I spend entire days sleeping, which makes my schedule off.

Now that I’m babysitting, that off schedule means there are days I’m running on maybe two hours of sleep. By the time I am off work, my body is back on a second wind and won’t go to sleep.

This is literally the vicious cycle I’ve been fighting for almost two weeks now. I have sleeping pills and while they knock me out, I’m back up an hour and a half to two hours afterward.

It has been an ongoing battle to get me back on track. This isn’t a healthy way to live life at all. The pure exhaustion and brain fog when I’m not having anxiety attacks leave me sluggish.

With Camp Nano starting next week I’m truly disappointed in the lack of routine in place for me now, and my schedule is so off. This adds to the stress, which cycles everything else.

So, book three, Blood Curses is started, but not much progress has been made. Book two, Poisonous Revenge is with my editor currently. Book one, The Opseti Guard has gained quite the following.

Seriously, thank you all for not only reading the first book of the Treaty of Dragons series but for telling others about it. Word of mouth is truly the best form of praise.

Hopefully, I can get my schedule back on track this weekend. I really need it.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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