2019 · April

The Second Novel is Coming

Hello, Readers!

I haven’t been trying to ignore you, but rather have been locked in discussions about sales with a certain novel dispenser. Up to this point, I haven’t been paid for all of my novels and it is rather irritating. When I questioned them on such matters, they wanted me to prove all of my sales.


While it was a pain to gather all of the information, it wasn’t complicated. I sent them in proof of all my paperback sales. Those are the ones I knew where they’d gone as I knew the people that had purchased them. I was also missing four sales from my reports section.

Once they received that they sent me back three of the order numbers and said that those were all printed through an outside distribution printer so those sales wouldn’t show up for a month. A month!

Fine, whatever, but when I looked at my copy of the sales document I sent them with those order numbers none of them were for more than one novel which meant I was still missing a sale.

Not only that, but there was no way it hasn’t been more than a month since those were printed and shipped. While I’ve contacted them once more for clarification, this is growing tedious and ridiculous. As an author, there is no way for us to track what books are sent to an outside distributor for printing even.

We are simply supposed to assume that we will see that money eventually. If I hadn’t known the people that had purchased those books would they even have said anything? I doubt that. Not to mention, I’m not even sure I’d have seen the money from those sales.

Needless to say, Poisonous Revenge is nearing its sale date. I, however, will not put it up for sale until this matter is resolved with the first novel. That way I know if I need to find other means of selling my work, which I can and will make happen if I need to do it.

I’m not asking for more than is fair. I’m only asking to be paid what I am owed and in a timely manner. I don’t think that is asking too much.

So, please accept my apology as until further notice Poisonous Revenge is on hold. Hopefully, we can get this all resolved soon and my work will continue on.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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