2019 · May

An Exciting Monday

Hello, Readers!

I finally have some exciting news. As we’d finished the readthrough last week, I was able to be squeezed into formatting with my cover artist. She did some quick work and both the paperback and the kindle versions of Poisonous Revenge are uploaded onto Amazon’s site.

The proof copy of the paperback is on its way. I don’t foresee any real issues with it, so it should be pretty smooth sailing from there. It will be available for purchase for the paperback on the 29th of May. The Kindle version will be available in the next day or two for presale.

As I promised you. Here is the cover release and teaser for this release.


You can never return home.

Deciding to tackle the hardest dragon clutch according to rumor, Alneck leads The Opseti Guard to his home city, Camier. Upon arrival not only are they met with destruction and decay, but a band of assassins has taken over. They threaten the few remaining occupants of Camier and hunt the local dragons.

It is up to Alneck and the other members of The Opseti Guard to not only free the townsfolk of Camier from the assassins but to save the black dragon clutch from being hunted. Through twists, turns, and failed attempts The Opseti Guard are tested as a team. The question is when all hope seems lost can they bond as a team and learn to work together? Or will Alneck’s past drive them apart when it comes calling?

Would you all like to see an excerpt from the upcoming novel? I have chosen one that comes from a point where Alneck and the other Opseti Guard members realize just how deep the crap is they stepped into. Please enjoy.


Loud noises boomed outside the tavern. Every conversation inside stopped immediately as heads turned slowly toward the door. The tension in the room increased until it was almost choking in the small space. Everyone sat painfully still, their bodies facing the door. The noises grew louder and there seemed to be a bit of chanting that broke through the original roar. Cheers rang up and it started to sound more like a celebration.

“Nobody goes toward the windows,” the bartender commanded. It was clear he expected no arguments.

Alneck slid from his stool, ignoring the bartender. He eased one of the shutters away from the wall and peered out into the darkened streets. One side revealed nothing other than the empty path they’d traveled earlier. The noises came from the other side.

Lights flickered and beamed from torches. Large dark shadows danced around with smaller versions. Long sticks were shoved into the ground, surrounding something massive. It wasn’t until they drew closer to the object in the center that it was illuminated. There in the center of the ring was the decapitated head of a black dragon. The horror still evident in the open eyes of the creature. Alneck would have jumped back, but right then, the bartender joined them at the window and looked out.

“I warned you not to look,” the bartender whispered. He let out a deep rumbling sigh that ruffled Alneck’s hair. “Close the window before they notice that we are open. They are in celebration mode out there and will be looking for drinks afterward.” He pulled the group of three further inside the room, so the shutter slid closed and blocked out all light once more.

“What is going on out there? That was terrible.” Alneck turned to look at the bartender as they walked back toward the table.

“Nothing. It isn’t any of our business. Look, if we go poking our noses in what they are doing, then we draw their attention here, and they no longer forget we exist.” The bartender looked around. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed at all, but we can’t exactly afford to draw their attention to the last remaining few of us.” He headed back for the bar, no longer willing to discuss matters.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the next destination for the Opseti Guard as they work on mending the relationships between dragons and humans.

If you are interested in purchasing Poisonous Revenge the Kindle version will be up for presale in the next few days. Keep your eyes here as I will share the buy links here on the blog. If you want the paperback, I will have those on the 29th of May when it releases.

Thank you to all of you readers for all the support that you’ve shown me over the course of my journey. I do hope you enjoy the next installation of the Treaty of Dragons series.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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