2019 · May

A Look Back In Time

Hello, Readers!

I was getting ready to write in my journal today. I’d noticed the first page of the journal was almost an exact year ago. Out of curiosity, I decided to read what the journal entries contained.

Sure enough, I read that I still questioned the genre that I was writing in. More so, I was using it as an excuse to not write at all. Man, that was such a familiar tune as I’ve been doing it again. It’s ridiculous at this point. Needless to say, that provided the wake-up call that I needed. I’ve now dug into the plotting process for book three in the Treaty of Dragons series.

With book 2, Poisonous Revenge is due out here in a matter of days, I really feel like working on book 3. I’m sure if I keep writing instead of taking ridiculous breaks between books, then it will make the process so much easier.

Once you lose that momentum it is quite difficult to get back. Anyway, book three has begun the process. I dreamed up the way to fix it last night so that will help.

Also, if you are interested, the preorder for book 2 ebook is now available here. Currently, to date, this is not only the largest book I’ve ever written, but it is also another record breaker for me.

Normally, I write one book every three or five years. The massive breaks between books are the worst. This is the first year that I have released multiple books in one year.

The goal is to release four books this year plus an anthology piece. That has been made quite a bit more difficult by my himming and hahhing over the last few years. Still, I am proud of what I have released so far and hope to release, at least, one more this year with the anthology piece.

That means I need to get to work on writing book 3. So here I am, onto the next Treaty of Dragons novel.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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