2019 · June

All In Preparation

Hello, Readers!

The last few days have been a whole lot of running around shopping. This weekend is the 2-year-old grandson’s birthday party. So we had to go purchase the sand for the dinosaur dig for the kids at the party.

Not only that, but we have family coming from out of town. Which we are super excited for. The hubby man hasn’t seen his cousin in over thirty years. So, when she told us she and her family were coming out we were elated to have them here.

We’ve made sure everything is in order and working on scrubbing down the house. Mixed in with that is packing up some of the things into boxes that we don’t think we will be using in the next few months.

As we are planning to move toward the end of summer/early fall area, then it makes sense for us to pack up some of the things we’ve been storing in tops of closets and such with the few boxes we currently have. I don’t want to get too ahead of us and pack up our entire apartment, but the things in we haven’t used in months will be fine.

As I’ve really been working on getting a more manageable hold on my anxiety when it comes to storms, I still can’t control the random attacks yet, but the ones related to storms I have a better hold on…we cleaned up our balcony and redecorated it so we can sit out there this summer.

It was something we went back and forth on since we were moving, but we both talked it out that if we could keep the budget on the lower side then it was worth it. That way we could still enjoy our balcony during the summer.

This was something that needed to be done considering the plastic rugs we had laid out there so the dog would go onto the balcony had disintegrated over the last few years. My gnome plants had taken huge hits in the wind storms and there was no longer moss as grass for them. It was left as the mesh beneath them.

So, those were pulled inside, disassembled and packed away ready for the move. The hanging planters were emptied and are ready to go into the shed until the move as well. That sounds like we left nothing out, but that simply isn’t true.

First, we found a roll of astroturf as Home Depot for $20. We were looking to spend that per plastic rug, and as we only needed one roll…we saved $20 there. So we purchased one planter for the table. The table and chairs were pulled in and cleaned up and all the rest of the trash that had made its way out there has been thrown out.

The old plastic rugs were removed from being zip tied to the balcony bars and it was thrown out.
This is the sad state of the balcony once everything is removed. While it looks large, Truckie won’t go out there and we were already missing our ‘backyard’.
This is our ‘backyard’ now. The astroturf has been laid, the furniture cleaned and replaced, and our little planter of desert plants are out there. The bars that had come free of the balcony have been hammered in once more as well.

As you can see from the image both the grandson and Truckie love it. We left the door open as the night was beautiful and the bugs were limited, so we all just enjoyed it. Rayland loved the fact he could drive his cars in it and Truckie had missed our ‘backyard’ time.

The next time it will be torn down and left nacked is when we move in a few months. Until then, we shall enjoy our spot once more. Sometimes, even though you have something major coming up, you have to make sure that you still have a little sanctuary in it all.

So, while my writing has been none existent, it isn’t for lack of wanting. I’ve just been really busy and occupied with other things.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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