2019 · June

The Return To Work

Hello, Readers!

Today is the day that hubby man has returned to his job after taking more than a week off. While he is working from home, it still feels odd for things to be hitting normal again.

Not that I find that a bad thing. In fact, I rather look forward to the return to a regular schedule. It will allow me to find a sort of balance once more.

Especially as I really need and want to dig back into my work. I’ve spent way too much time away from work that goes well beyond the few weeks of prepping for the company and enjoying them.

I’ve been slacking off. Granted I’ve added babysitting my grandkids onto the list of things as most of you know and in return, I quit writing. Finding time to write fitted around babysitting just hasn’t happened for me.

I know in part my negative mental state of being has damaged me. It always does. Your mind can be one of your greatest allies and one of your greatest enemies.

Nobody needed to physically stop me from my writing to get me to consider quitting. They merely needed to add little seeds of negative thoughts about never having time and why wasn’t I writing, my brain did the rest of the work. Shoot, I don’t even need outside forces anymore. I spend most of my time filling my head with all of that.

So, now that I can see it all through the clouds of negativity, I can work on getting back on track. Not only am I fixing to dig into my next novel and then the short story, but I’m also working on getting my eating back on track. I haven’t felt great for a long time due to all the weight I’ve gained back.

It has been a long time coming to get it all under control. I’m still in hopes of releasing another two books, plus my short story in the anthology that is due in September.

Now it is time to get back on track. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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