2019 · July

Happy July, Readers!

Hello, Readers!

Happy Independence Day for those of us in America! I hope those that have barbecues planned with drinks and fireworks are safe during this time. Our family has foregone these festivities for a few years now due to our dog’s severe fear of fireworks. Instead, we stay at home and take care of him as it was our choice to bring him into our family, we accept the responsibility of taking care of him on every level.

So, with that being said, that means that I’m sitting here hard at work. Granted I have failed to upkeep my blog once more. In fact, it has spread to all social media. Not that I’ve ever been particularly good at my Facebook page.

I am looking into getting better at that type of thing still. While it is something I say often, it is still a work in progress. Even if it is frustrating for me to keep losing track of things in such a way.

Most of my days are spent on my phone. I’m either watching Youtube videos of stupid things that don’t matter and I don’t remember later on, or I’ve scrolled through my Facebook feed so much that even the app is like we have nothing else to show you. It’s horrible how much I’ve become attached to my phone and how much of my day is wasted away on such a thing.

It has definitely slowed down any progress I was making to the point of bringing it to a screeching crawl. This is something I will be fixing as soon as possible. Nothing bothers me more than to realize how dependent I’ve become on an electronic with no real gain for me. While I do believe phones have value, my current use of them does not.

I have been participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. I fell behind yesterday and did not complete my word count. Needless to say, I fell asleep last night rather disappointed in myself. It wasn’t for lack of time to get it done, but mentally I was spent by the time I sat down to work.

However, that being said, I definitely could have pushed myself to get my word count in and I knew what part I was writing in the novel so that wasn’t the problem either. It merely was the fact that watching television and relaxing sounded more entertaining to me.

So, there is definitely work to do to get back on track. Between bringing my blog back into the position of where I want it to be and my work ethic. There are no excuses for why I’ve let everything slide like I have. It simply became easier to fall back into old habits then work on upkeeping my newer ones.

Here is to the beginning of a new month and getting back on track to finish the year with a bang. Also, thanks to ordering copies for myself of all my books, so that I have them to display I have realized I’ve only been writing eight years instead of the eleven that I thought I had been. That makes me feel far more relieved on the number of books I have out.

Granted, it could have been a lot more and should be, but I’m still proud of how far I have come since the first one was written. Now it is time to kick some butt and get out even more books for you all to read.

Here is to getting back on track, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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