2019 · September

Conquering Overwhelm

Hello, Readers!

I live in a state of overwhelm, which is brought on by anxiety and depression, not to mention the fact that it feeds both of those as well. It is a vicious cycle that can often times feel like there is no way out.

During these times I don’t take as great of care of myself as I really should. My meals tend to be anything I can grab quickly and really aren’t the healthiest. That is when I do eat. Often times I skip a lot of meals during that time as well.

So, some of the things I’m working on getting back into place to help me with all of it are baby steps toward a better me. I have taken to making sure I’m eating healthier food and on a schedule so that I’m getting enough meals in during the day to keep my body going.

I’m hoping that it will help to not only keep my body energized so that I won’t sleep all day, but all the extra vitamins and such will help combat the anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. If nothing else it will probably help my medications work better to keep me on a more even ground.

The next step now that I have gotten that further in control is working on a schedule for both my writing and house cleaning. That way I’m getting up and moving around, giving my body the exercise that it needs while maintaining the environment in which I live to help keep it clutter free, which adds to the overwhelm when it isn’t maintained.

The writing half of things is there to keep my brain moving in a far more productive way then simply wallowing in my own problems or more so, allowing my brain to conjure up problems that aren’t even there so it can pick at it and agitate it until these made up issues are something far worse.

After all, my brain is a great creator of cruel thoughts to myself. So, best to keep on track with the plan and at night go over it and make sure that I’m on track to where I want to be headed. The busier I can keep my brain, the less likely it is to run off on its own and get us into trouble.

Now, I won’t say that all of this is a perfect plan. Nor will I assume that I won’t stumble along the way either. I’m simply documenting the steps that I am taking to try and get a better handle on my own mental health. Especially as this month is Suicide Prevention Month.

As someone that suffers from mental health problems and as someone that has lost a friend to suicide I think drawing more attention to mental health care is important. I know when I fall into my darkness I don’t turn to people around me. I end up pulling away from others because I don’t want to unload my problems onto them. Often times, my brain will tell me that they don’t want to hear about my issues YET AGAIN when they have their own problems. This is enough to keep me quiet and locked in that darkness.

Please remember that if you don’t want to turn to those around you because of such things, you can talk to someone at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at any time day or night. Just call 1-800-273-8255. They will help you.

Until next time, remember to seek help if you need it. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. I simply don’t think we give mental care enough talk and there is still too much shaming going on for those that need that extra help.

Live it, Own it, Love it

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