2019 · October

Busy Time of Year

Hello, Readers!

We are finally in the time of year that is my favorite. I absolutely love the cooler months of the year, even the snow. There is something magical that happens for me

Not only do I absolutely love the color the trees turn, especially when you can see them along the mountain range outside my balcony. It’s absolutely stunning. I also share a love with my dog, Truckie, we both love the sound of leaves crunching under our feet. As they fall from the trees, we take routes for our walk that maximize the piles of leaves we will be able to run and play in. Hoodies and warm drinks come back into season, along with warm drinks like apple cider. I love cuddling under blankets and reading as well.

Currently for my non-fiction book I’m reading and working through a 12 week program called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. It is so interesting how much what you learn within these pages counts for every aspect of your life, not just your creative life. While I haven’t finished enough of it to give a real yay or nay to the book, I can say that so far there is at least one exercise contained within it that has helped somewhat. However, I will hold off giving my final review of it until after I’ve completed it or given up on the book, depending on how helpful it is.

As for my fiction novel, I am part of a reading challenge group. This month the book World of Nightmares by Karen DuBose was chosen as the novel for the month. I’ve read the blurb for the book and I really can’t wait to read this book. While it is the 9th book in the series, the author has confirmed that each book stands on its own. It really seems like it is right up my alley so I can’t wait to begin this one later today. After I have finished it, I will give my final review of it as well.

We are also in the month known as Preptober for anyone that participates within NaNoWriMo. It means that everyone is gearing up their novels ready to be written during the month of November. I’m still unsure how much prepping I will do, or rather I will just continue along my merry way of finishing my novel in hopes of starting a new one next month.

I’ve already started my Christmas shopping as we are a rather large family with seven of us, and we have two parties. This is also the month of my grandson’s 4th birthday and Halloween, so it is rather busy around these parts.

For the remainder of this year I don’t have one month without a birthday in it and some have two, between my grandson, the hubby man, and two of my kids we are in my busiest time of year. Not to mention the holidays that fall over them with Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas right there.

I’m also participating on a friend’s blog for her Oktoberfest this month. I will be there on October 19th, but she is hosting people all month long. There is a giveaway and a lot of new authors to meet from all walks of life. If you are interested you can find her over at her blog, Cathy Brockman.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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