2019 · October

Getting Things Done Through The Lows

Hello, Readers!

Yesterday wasn’t one of the best of days on the meds. For some reason my body treated it as if I hadn’t taken the pill at all. As we are still in the first week it makes sense. The doctor did warn me as well as those around me that it takes those two weeks so some days may be rougher than others for a bit.

Regardless of that, though, we managed to get all of our laundry caught up which was no easy feat in this house. Not having access to a washer and dryer in the apartment certainly has made things harder, especially as until recently when they opened up their own laundry mat in the old pool building, there was no guarantee that the few washers and dryers in each building worked. The kids that were left to run around these apartment buildings unsupervised tended to bust them up pretty quick and the owners got sick of replacing them.

However, the new building is really nice. They did a great job on it. There are tons of washers and dryers, the key needed a deposit and there are cameras in there to see who busts them all up. No children are allowed in there unsupervised either. Which certainly helps. Now they simply go down from wear and tear.

Anyway, I suppose that is more than you needed to know. I have been working my behind off to ensure my house stays nice and clean, babysitting my grandbabies while the daughter goes to work, once everyone is asleep then I write during that time while awaiting her arrival home. It is usually only an hour or two but I’m still getting thing accomplished slowly but surely.

Progress is progress after all.

I’m still continuing to read my nonfiction novel, Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis. It is a really great piece of work and it isn’t written in a way that makes it hard for someone of average intellect to follow. I, however, am doing something that would make most people twitch. I’ve been highlighting the bits that are extremely helpful for me and jotting notes in the margins in other spots. I’ve found that doing it in this way allows me to retain the information that it goes over much easier.

Now, it is time to get the general housecleaning done for the day, so that I can focus on the other things on my list. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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