2019 · October

May Become a Little Scattered

Hello, Readers!

This week marks the beginning of the upped dose of my depression meds, so that will be interesting to see how it works. I can say that without upping the dose. I have way more energy and take care of myself, not to mention my house. Both of which had become quite a feat with the constant barrage of feelings inside of me. I’ve also managed to leave the house many times without needing a Xanax to do so.

While that seems rather normal for most people, there are times when I simply cannot do it. I’ll make excuses not to leave and keep myself holed up here at home for months at a time. It isn’t healthy, but I never saw it as being a problem until people started pointing these things out to me.

I would say that Saturday I went out without needing a Xanax but I can’t claim that as entirely accurate. I had a Xanax in my system for an entirely different reason that caused a severe anxiety attack. While I won’t get into details on what caused it, I can say the Xanax worked wonders for dispersing the attack rather quickly and once I slept the first hour of it, I was good to go the rest of the day.

Which was great as we had tickets to see Halloween Havoc Demolition Derby. It was amazing like it is every year. The amount of work that everyone puts into these events is massive, but so appreciated. It was a blast. There was one incident where a car got pushed so far up the barrier they had to call a break to pull the car back into the arena as it had hit the rails for the crowd and made it dangerous there.

It was so much fun. We try to go to at least that one every year, but more if we can manage it. I do have to admit that we didn’t make it to more this year because of my agoraphobia. However, now that I’m getting that under control as well, I hope that next year we can hit a lot of them. They are something that both the hubby man and I enjoy very much.

As it will be mostly him and I next year as our kids will all be graduated high school and off doing their own thing, one in a technical school, one away in college, and another working her way up a career ladder in a company while raising two kids. So, there will be plenty of time for the pair of us to reconnect as a couple. Sometimes as you raise children you forget to preserve that relationship as well.

That is something that him and I have always been aware of and tried to maintain. Still, there is always room for improvement in that department. We might not go out together quite as often, but we never forget to show and tell each other how important we are to one another. Still, moving into that type of relationship is quite interesting.

It opens up so many things for us, that it’s almost overwhelming and simply don’t know which way to turn or what to do first. It’s quite funny really.

So, here is to hoping that the medication continues to help like it has been, that nothing goes haywire. I’m sure it will be just fine.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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