2019 · October

The Art of Storytelling

Hello, Readers!

I have watched a lot of videos on crafting great characters, plot points, and the likes. These are things I’ve studied aimlessly trying to become a better author. They’ve become almost an obsession of mine. I mean, as long as I’m doing all this studying that it is the same as working on a novel, right? Wrong.

I will admit that I’ve used all of that a lot as a way to distract from sitting down and getting to work. Procrastination, my biggest downfall. However, the thing is I have known that something has been off with my writing for a while now. It just wasn’t doing the things that I wanted it to do – a type of disconnect from me and my writing.

Does that make my writing bad? No, but I knew it could be so much better. So, I kept on the search for this thing that felt disjointed or missing. It’s something I knew once, but somehow had forgotten in all these studies.

I was reminded recently with some writing from someone I admire so much what that missing thing was. In just a few pages, this author had breathed life into the words on the page. They lived and breathed outside of those lined pages. Sounds, scents, everything came to me as I read those words.

This. This was what I was missing in my own work. That connection. The pull of a story to where you start out with mere words on a page, but somehow tumble into the story the author is telling.

I believe this is the aspect that can’t actually be taught when it comes to writing.

The rest of it you can be taught or teach others. Even with just those things you can write good novels. Novels that are compelling to some readers just fine.

I’m not here to knock any author. I know how hard it is to sit down and write a novel, novella, short stories, any of it. It takes a lot of dedication. So, anyone that is on this journey, I say keep striving and find a tribe of people around you to support you on this journey.

However, the part I’m talking about it the art of storytelling. The ability to breathe the life into a story. That is something I’m not sure can be taught.

I’ve read plenty of great stories without it, but the ones that stick in my mind forever are the ones with that little bit of something extra. The ones that continue life after you close the pages. That is that extra something I’ve been in search of. Not all the other stuff that I have been researching.

So, now it’s time to relax and just tell an amazing story and hope that I too share this ability to breathe life into my writing.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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