2019 · October

Combining My Favorites

Hello, Readers!

It has been a while since I posted. Between doctor’s appointments and getting ready for Halloween my time seems to fly by most days. I’m a little sad that I won’t be doing a Halloween cake for the Hubby Man’s work this year. His job had been bought out by another company and they are still in the middle of getting things adjusted. However, I’ve certainly been busy enough between the oldest grandson turning 4 and everything else.

As we are nearing NaNoWriMo at an alarming pace, I have to admit I began to wonder if I’d even be ready for it. I was feeling less and less like this was a good idea for me. While I had some idea of what I wanted to write, I hadn’t taken the time to put any of it together.

Instead, I’d been spending all my time on my beloved MMORPG that I love playing, which is World of Warcraft. I’d gotten up ridiculously early one day, booted up my computer and started to play. I’ve played this game since it originally came out. While I’ve taken time away from it here and there, I always come back.

My family teases me often because I level a ton of characters. I’ve never been too interested in the endgame for the most part. I like the challenge of getting the character there. It’s only been recently that I’ve began playing the endgame stuff as well.

However, on this particular day I got to thinking, leveling a character through basically the same areas over and over again is a skill I can use. I mean after all, writing a book is pretty much the same thing. You repeat the process over and over again through each novel.

That got my gears turning in a new way. Being a master leveler like I am was definitely a skill I could use. So, I created a reward program much like World of Warcraft has in their game. Currently, every 20 levels there is a reward in the game. You get mounts, faster mounts, flying, faster flying and so on and so forth.

Using that method, I have created a reward system every 20,000 words into the writing. Each reward is better than the one before it, of course. I typed all of it out on a word document and printed it off to place in sheet protectors of a 3 ring binder. I even went so far as to create a mount vendor that has the rewards detailed out as well.

This is a process that is repeatable for me if I stick with it. That is the part I need to work on, the sticking with things. After laying all of that out I was ready to work on the character. I worked up pictures, character sheets and printed all that to slide into the binder as well.

That I finished late last night. Now it is onto laying out the plot and getting it ready to go. As tomorrow is Trick or Treating, I’ll be able to work early in the day, but I need to help my daughter get our grandson’s ready to go later on. As it will be frigid here, we are going to have to prep things accordingly. We are, however, blessed not to be one of the states with snow to go Trick or Treating in. Not sure how we would have handled it to be buried in snow like Colorado. The little we got a few days ago, melted by afternoon.

Anyway, so that is where we are sitting with everything. This should be a great journey if I stick with it and a fun month.

Tell me, are any of you planning to participate in NaNoWriMo? If so, we can connect just search for MistyHarvey right there. I’m the one in Ogden, Ut.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

One thought on “Combining My Favorites

  1. I signed up but things just don’t seem to be landing right. I don’t have my story planned at all and hate pantsing so I’ll see what happens. Good luck!

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