2020 · January

Corkscrews in Life

Hello, Readers!

This month was supposed to be dedicated to getting my writing career back on track. The part I hadn’t taken into consideration was the fact the hubby man had 2 weeks off work. Which always throws my schedule for a loop. Especially as we have been trying to get the house back in order from Christmas. That meant a lot of packing up of things and rearranging furniture once more.

So, I have jumped in to help him get things in order as we are a team and everything is easier with two. It has, however, meant that my writing time isn’t as much as I would have liked. In fact, it has taken a seat on the way side more times than not. This has been an ongoing problem for me and one that drives me to the brink of insanity. Granted, I am the one to blame for that.

I have this thing that if my plans get knocked about, such as yesterday, I have a hard time switching gears. Yesterday, I had gotten up and made myself some sandwiches for lunch and packed it in my lunch bag with some snacks. I’d gotten my water refilled and was going to grab a few sodas as well. Well, before I could retire in my home office my grandson wanted attention.

I’m not one that can take anything over them if they want me. So, we sat down and built more of my Hogwarts Castle Lego set I got for Christmas. Before I could finish that and head to the office, the hubby brought up the fact we needed to take Moose the ferocious in for his shots that day. He also mentioned that we should stop at the pet store afterward and get one of those slow feed bowls for him, especially as I’ve been worried that he’d get bloat as he was always eating and drinking like he’d never seen a speck of food in his life.

So, once I’d finished building the castle I got dressed to handle the next task of puppy care. We headed for the vet clinic to get his shots. I have to admit that went far quicker than I expected, though Moose tried to pull out of his harness and run away as soon as we got there.

I did find out that he needs to be eating more food as he is so active. Which I suspected anyway, but it was great to have a vets confirmation that my intuition was correct. So, he’s taken care of for another three weeks before we have to head in once more.

Afterward, we stopped at the pet store. I had to get him a toy for being so good, because he got shots. Haha. By buying him a toy and treats, it meant I also had to get our old man some as well. After all, we left him behind and he didn’t understand where we were going, he did not want to go. We made the trip as quick as possible. More training treats, chewies that he couldn’t burn through so quickly.

I figured once we were home I’d finally get a chance to sit down and write. You couldn’t imagine the glee that was inside of me. I’ve been wanting to write since I got up that morning and it continually seems to fall to the way side.

Anyway, we get home and low and behold on our door was a notice of entry for our apartment. Monday, which was already a packed day with therapist and doctor appointments and they want to enter the apartment to do a spray down and inspection. Normally, not a big deal. It’s a quick clean up of the house and at least this time, they gave us the weekend to get it done in….however, the spray down for bugs means I have to empty my entire kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Which means shoving my kitchen into a bedroom and begging them not to spray around my food, because eww.

This is always a fiasco when it comes to it and often times, they give us notice then that they’ll be back in two weeks to spray down the apartment once more. There is a big enough gap there that you can’t just leave everything in a bedroom. You get to put your stuff back together only to tear it apart once more shortly afterward.

As soon as I saw the notice my head fell. It meant instead of writing, I’d be spending my weekend scrubbing down the house and cabinets, along with loading everything into the bedroom. However, when they come to do the inspection, I will not be here. I will be at the library writing while the hubby man handles the inspection. I have severe panic attacks when people I don’t know are in my home space, and thanks to the hubby man being so understanding he helps me out like that.

I digress, let me get back to the day. That threw a major corkscrew into my plans and my joy for writing slid away. I pulled out the lunch I’d packed, sat at my desk and ate it while I watched videos. This threw everything off. We had to reschedule doctors appointments, and as weird as it sounded I was actually excited for this one. He was going to help me with my weightloss journey.

Now, we had to reschedule it. Not only that, but due to everything that needed to be finished before Monday so we could still take our daughter to the therapist as well as have everything emptied before the spray and inspection, I had no time to write. There is simply too many things that need to get done before then.

The hubby man was already shifting furniture in the dining room to carpet clean so it looked nice. And I felt like my world had crashed. That sounds overly dramatic, but sometimes that is literally the way my brain works. When I realized the voice inside my head was just pushing it to all the dramatics I was able to stop it. I mean…seriously, it wasn’t the end of the world. It simply meant that writing was going to have to be pushed back once more. That didn’t stop the down feeling, but at least the voice in my head wasn’t making it out to be like my entire life had gone down the crapper.

Once, I got that control it helped me calm down some. However, I did just sit down and watch videos on YouTube. I mean if I couldn’t dedicate all the hours I wanted to writing it made perfectly good sense to not write at all, right? No. That really isn’t how it should work. I should instead be fitting writing in the areas where I have a break. I may not be able to sit down and write for the times I wished I could, but some writing would be better than no writing at all.

Well, the hubby man sat in his office chair, which happened to be in the living room since he was steam cleaning the dining room. He is all pick a number between five and fourteen. Eight is my lucky number so I went with that. He says you have until 6 to write eight hundred words. I explained I was handwriting and didn’t know how many I was writing. He counted out about how many I could get on a page and rephrased it to 4 pages front and back, handwritten.

Oh, I commented, I can do that easily. I’ll be done way before that. He chuckles and goes, we can up that if you’d like. I laughed and told him no it was fine. The Xanax I’d taken earlier from an attack was setting into my system and I felt tired. Maybe, the time frame would be good. My brain had slowed down and relaxed to the point that I knew writing may be slower as well.

However, I did manage to write all four pages and ahead of time. It was proof to me that by being so stuck on certain time frames and things in my brain that I miss the opportunity to get things done. Sure, it may not be on the schedule I imagined, but it didn’t mean that getting some done instead of all wasn’t better than getting none.

That is something I want to work on throughout this year. That just because life throws me corkscrews, it doesn’t mean that I can’t take advantage of the down times throughout the day to still get things done.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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