2020 · January

A New Journey

Hello, Readers!

I have spoke about getting myself on track many times on this blog. Now that my mental health has vastly improved, I have begun the journey for my physical health.

The Hubby Man and I had made appointments with our doctor to lose weight under his supervision. That way we knew that we were doing it as healthy as possible. Our original appointments were on Monday, however due to the bug spray down, we had to move them to yesterday.

We were weighed on a scale that takes fat mass, percentages and all that good stuff. I realized I had a lot of work to do, but it did nothing to detour me from the excitement of this journey. Not only will a be a smaller and much healthier me with more energy, but I get to do this journey with my best friend and husband. I’m so glad we can be here to support each other through.

As this was the beginning appointment for me, they had to do an EKG on my heart before they could prescribe me a hunger suppressant. If you ask my youngest, she will jokingly tell you that I don’t have a heart so I doubt they found anything. When I heard they were doing an EKG I told the hubby man he’d have to back me up that there as proof for my daughter that I did have a heart. The nurse thought that was hilarious.

The EKG is a rather quick thing most of the time. However, once she got all the leads attached to my body. She informed us that I have a heart but it is beating out of my chest. Something hadn’t gone right, so she readjusted all the hookups for it, and we tried again. Still a no go, so she put new leads on the ones on my chest, thinking they weren’t in the right place. It didn’t work once more. It literally took them four times before they were able to get the EKG completed and I was fine.

So, once we left the doctor’s office I called my daughter to inform her there is proof I have a heart. In the background as the hubby man is driving he informs her that it took them four times to find it because they had to chip the ice from around it. We all got a good laugh at that one.

Needless to say, I am now on even more medication for all of this, however, I still remain excited about this journey. Even when I woke up with one heckuva migraine this morning and starving. It’s a great way to start out a healthy eating journey. Not wanting to open your eyes for anything, yet wanting to eat entire cabinets worth of food.

However, I can proudly say that I stuck with the eating plan. Which is something I never would have done before. One hiccup in things and I would have stopped there saying I couldn’t do it. Instead, I just laid back down in hopes the migraine would be gone by the time I awoke. It wasn’t, but while it has slowed me down today, I have not allowed it to stop me.

Due to my oldest daughter and her boys being down with some sort of a flu, I have still managed to take care of all three of them as well. So, all in all, I’d say I’m doing and feeling pretty good.

I also know the headache is part of things. It’s from not consuming as many carbs or sugar. In a few days, once my body adjusts it will naturally go away and I’ll be fine. So, I’m not even worried about it.

Here is to a healthier 2020.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “A New Journey

    1. They said that if we feel our energy lagging or felt like we needed the b 12 shot we could call and make an appointment and get right in for the shot no wait. I have this fear of needles. However, if I felt I needed it, I would do it, but considering the fact that I have so much energy now…well, so far I’m doing great.

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