2020 · January

A Rough and Productive Night

Hello, Readers!

We are going to see if this goes through so you can see it. Our internet has had many issues today with staying connected.

Anyway, yesterday I decided to stop trying to think through everything or just remain in my head. I sat down at my computer and simply wrote. It didn’t matter what I wrote, I just went with whatever came to my mind and I continued with it.

Normally, that means I’ve written the grocery list or a packing list. However, this time my mind went elsewhere. I could see these scenes flash behind my eyes. Smell the deep woodsy scent of a forest fresh from a rain fall.

So, that is where I began. I wrote about the forest and the wonder someone had seeing it in all its glory. That person so used to the city, they’d never seen anything more than a few decorative trees kept within city growth limits.

I wrote and I wrote for hours losing track of time. When I came up for air because my back hurt I realized I’d written almost 3,000 words. That is the most I’d written in a very long time at one sitting. Mostly, I hit a few hundred and call it there. It’s been a real struggle for me.

Anyway, I decided to spend some time with the hubby man to give my back a rest before bed. No problem, I wrote a lot and I felt good about the break. We watched a few of our shows until he fell asleep on the couch. That is when I shut off the television and we headed to bed.

I lay in the bed thinking about the next part to the story as it unfolded in front of my eyes. My glance at the clock told me it was still fairly early, ten if I remember correctly. I could write this bit in my head. It didn’t take me that long to write the first bit. If I simply sat down at the desk and knocked it our real quick.

So, I crawled from my bed, grabbed a cheese stick or two for a snack and dug into the task at hand. Hours passed as I wrote with only the light from my laptop. That was until I managed to scare myself and then I used the small lamp on my desk.

Hey, I’m rather proud to admit my mind can get rather twisted while I write. I’ll admit it. I can and often do scare myself.

I fell asleep at the desk several times before I knew I could no longer continue on with the work. Closing my laptop lid after saving, I attempted to crawl into my bed. I slept for a few hours before I could hear chatting out in the living room. I went to check on it, afraid one of the grandboys were awake.

They were not, but rather my oldest daughter was having a conversation with some gaming friend over Discord. I warned her that while one kid took a while to go to sleep the other would be up rather early, and I wouldn’t recommend staying up much longer. I turned, and left it at that for a moment.

Once I returned she was cleaning up her desk, but her oldest had begun to scream bloody murder on the couch. I went over to comfort him, taking the time to rub his head as he is prone to night terrors. His tongue darted in and out of his mouth.

His mother, noticing the sign and being quick to react, came with the wipes. In moments blood spilled from his nose, down toward his lips. All of this caused him to scream louder and longer. To hear him scream from outside of the apartment, surely it sounded like we were beating the kid.

I worked on getting his hand cleaned up from where he’d rubbed his nose and his mother focused on keeping the dam of blood from continuing. He’d gotten hot. I’d felt it while I rubbed his head, but hadn’t even had time to ask his mom if he was fevered or merely warm from the blanket.

We used an ice pack to cool the back of his neck. It slowed the blood, but the more he screamed the less likely we were to get it to stop completely. Once we did manage to get him to calm down, the bleeding stopped. His body temp was back down to normal and he wanted to go to bed in his bed.

Mind you his screaming had woken up the Hubby Man in the house as well. Not to mention the dogs. They decided three in the morning was a good time to want to go out. Unfortunately that meant the Hubby Man was left walking them while I cleaned up the couch and pillow from it all.

Upon his return we headed for the bed once more. Only Moose the ferocious wanted in the bed and he wanted curled up beside us in a puppy pile from being cold. I covered him up with the small blankets we keep handy for such an occasion and drifted off to sleep.

A few more hours passed before I realized I was wrestling both dogs for leg room. My other had joined us on the bed and was cold. So, I sat up and got him covered with a blanket as well. By this time, though, Moose had gotten warm and now stretched his long body all over the bed. This meant there was no room for me.

I finally gave up when I could only sleep fifteen minutes before needing to try to readjust. Given this, I headed into the living room to try to lay down. First I had to fight with our Google Home to turn the light orange. This is a long story on its own that has to deal with the scheduling the hubby man put on it.

Anyway, just as I got it to work and sleep came whispering in my ear I got to listen to another bloody murder scream coming from the other grandbaby. I flew up and headed for their room to see what was going on. He left the room as quickly as I opened the door and I began to search the bed for his mother, only to find he was screaming because she was in the bathroom.

At this point, I’d had such a rough time sleeping and staying asleep I gave up. I cleaned up the bedding I’d been using and dug into tidying up the house and prepping breakfast. While it was a largely restless night for me, I am not feeling the effects of it and I’m being truly productive.

So, now it is time to dig back into the writing at hand. I have a few hours before my babysitting begins again. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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