2020 · January

Packing For A Trip

Hello, Readers! Happy Tuesday.

This week will be another busy week for me. Not only am I lined up for a lot of babysitting as usual, but I’m working on a novel as well. It is coming along, while I have to admit there are some days when my word count isn’t as good as I would have liked. Still, I’m making words happen and for that I’m proud.

Also, this weekend is my youngest daughter’s trip to her college. It is an event they put together for potential students to come and tour the school. They learn more about all the opportunities there. There will be activities for them to do and they will be sleeping in the dorms over night.

This is something my daughter has been begging to go to since last year, so I’m glad that we were finally able to make it happen for her. I truly hope that it is everything she imagined it will be.

As for the hubby man and I, we have a hotel rented for the night close by. Jokingly the hubby looked at some of the housing down there, and it shocked us how much more affordable it would be down there. I took it one step more and went to my daughter telling her she wouldn’t be going away to college after all because we were going to follow her down there as the housing was so much cheaper.

She laughed and told us to do it. She was still going to stay in the dorms anyway, but we could drive her around when she needed it. We both got a good giggle out of it and even if we did move down there, I still would rather her stay in the dorms.

I think she needs to get the total college experience after working so hard to get there. While, I know it will be a bit more expensive, she needs the chance to figure out who she is outside of trying to please her parents. Those years will be self discovery ones for her to say the least.

Anyway, so there will probably be no blog post on Friday or Saturday here unless, I can push it into the time at the hotel. Which is what I plan on doing down there. I plan on writing like the wind down there as it will be far quieter than what I experience here.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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