2020 · January

Easier Than I Thought

Hello, Readers!

Here I sit in our hotel in Cedar City. A few miles away my daughter sleeps in the dorms of her future college. They hold this event called Red Riot and she has wanted to attend for quite some time now. Well, we finally were able to help her achieve that.

The drive took us about five and a half hours in total. That includes pit stops for bathroom breaks for both us and the dogs. We even stopped for food.

We weren’t real sure what to expect. This trip is, in fact, the furthest we’ve been away from home together. Not to mention we were driving with two dogs. Our oldest, Truckie has done small road trips to Salt Lake several times when we go to Salt Lake Fan X. However, this was obviously significantly longer, so we were a little leery on how he would take it.

This also was Moose’s first road trip at all with us. While he handled the small trip to the vet a few weeks back and simply laid in the backseat, he is still a puppy. In fact, he will be 7 months old in a few days. Anyway, we weren’t sure how well his bladder would handle it, nor his energy levels.

Now that we arrived yesterday afternoon and got settled into the hotel I can say that it was the easiest trip ever. They both did phenomenally well and mainly just laid in the backseat and slept. That is between the world gazing that Truckie had to do. He absolutely loves to be by a window to watch out it at the passing scenes.

As I am sitting here after 2 am, I can tell you the results of such a trip. Day and night for Moose has reversed. Due to sleeping most of the trip in, he has spent the night time wide awake. I do believe this will continue once we get home for a day or so until his body can readjust.

Truckie, however, sleeps here next to me on the bed content with life. He did spend most of the day sight seeing, after all. There was far too much for him to watch out the window to lay down…that is until almost the end of our journey here. That is when he finally wore out and laid down.

True to me…I struggle to sleep in a hotel for the first night. It is a strange new place and new sounds. I miss the comfort of my own bed. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had a fabulous time relaxing.

All the Hubby Man and I have had to do is tend to the needs of the dogs and ourselves. There are no children screaming and no priorities that need our attention. We have been able to completely relax and enjoy the company of each other. Having him as a best friend as well as a hubby certainly has made this trip all the more fun. He even collected brochures of different things to do when we come out again. So, I foresee more travel together in our future.

Today, we will be traveling home once more. While the trip is a brief one, it has done everything we needed it to do. We are able to relax and reset ourselves after a busy work week on his part, and a stressful one on mine.

Not to mention our daughter got to tour her future college. Plus experience what college life could be like for her in August. I had hesitated to pay the admissions fee to the college until she had made sure this was where she wanted to go. If I go by the texts that she sent me in the beginning of her Red Riot experience, I would say I have the green light to finish making her a Southern Utah University T-Bird.

While the trip down here really brought the distance she would be away into perspective for me…I really do hope that she has chosen a path that will make her happy. She has spent so much time trying to make everyone else around her happy, that I believe she doesn’t think much about her own.

I will miss her terribly once it is time to bring her down here a final time. However, we did discover that the trip down isn’t near as expensive as we initially thought. So, we will be able to come visit her a fair amount, and we will find a way to bring her home to visit us as well.

As of tomorrow afternoon we will pick her up once more to begin our travel back to Ogden area. While the housing is cheaper down here and the hubby man and I contemplated moving down here, I think after touring the area and discussing the pros and cons…we have decided to remain in Northern Utah area. Though, I have to admit these amazing hiking trails we found a short distance from the hotel are truly a tempting thing. We would literally have nature right at our back doors with some of these places we have looked at moving.

Alas, the pros to remaining up further north outweigh the cons. While we still have a large area of housing we are looking at and many cities up that way to consider to move, we are now in the process of discussing the things we’d like and hate, plus the things we are willing to negotiate on.

So, that is pretty much this trip in a nutshell. It has been a fun experience and the hotel we are staying in is super pet friendly, not to mention absolutely beautiful and well taken care of.

I’m hoping once we make it home tomorrow I will find some more time to sit and write, if I don’t do some of it in the car on the way home. I’ve brought both notebooks and my laptop, so the options are good. Of course, given my weird sleep…I may sleep the way home, who knows.

I have loads of pictures to post here once I get home and can more easily transfer them over. After seeing everything so close up, including the fact our hotel is on the side of the mountain…I really wish we had more time here so that I could take more pictures and experience a lot more.

Still, Cedar City, you have not seen the last of us. We will be back and we will be ready for the adventures.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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