2020 · January

A Return to Normalcy

Hello, Readers!

We are back from Cedar City. My daughter had an amazing time at her college function and come fall she will be attending Southern Utah University. It is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly. She’s all grown up and ready to make her own way in the world.

I have complete faith in her like I do my other kids. They will all go on to do amazing things and chase whatever their heart desires. I have no doubt that is the one lesson they have taken from me. That if you want it bad enough, you work dang hard to get it.

I awoke early this morning once again at 1:30am. This is truly becoming a thing for me. I do enjoy waking up early, though maybe not quite that early. It allows me to get my house cleaned up before I settle in to get to my writing by 9. Having a clean house helps me focus on my writing. Plus, it just feels good.

While I wasn’t so sure I wanted to return from Cedar City as it was so beautiful down there, I am glad to be home. I’ve missed having a regular schedule and seeing my grandboys and oldest daughter. I really REALLY missed my bed while we were gone as well. Not to mention my co-author cat, whom sits here beside me watching me type as we speak.

I do have to admit that the further north we traveled the worse the air quality got. In fact, by the time we were about two hours from home, the air was down right disgusting. I could feel the grit in it and still now, I struggle to breathe a bit. You’ve got to love an inversion. Not.

While it rained and snowed that did clear a lot of it out of the air. So, I hope soon my lungs will adjust and I’ll be doing just fine once more. Not that I’m truly that bad off either. I get a little winded at times, but I’m still able to move about and do the things that need done. Which is great because I really didn’t take the time away in Cedar City to sit down and write like I had planned.

In fact, it felt so good to simply relax and not have to worry about everything else, I did just that. The hubby man and I watched some television until we fell asleep, which we did so early as the drive wiped us out. It did the same thing on the way home. Still, it was a lot of fun to just be able to get away.

So, that being said I certainly have my work cut out for me this week, which means…I need to get busy. Until next time, readers, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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