2020 · February

The Muscle of Motivation

Hello, Readers!

You often have read me talk about motivation on this page. It is the one thing that all creative people struggle with, I believe. Or, at least, it is for me. The struggle of the first two weeks of forcing myself to sit still and get work done is a real test of my dedication.

I have to admit that yesterday I struggled hard to just write a thousand words. It sucked. While that is still a thousand more than I had prior, it doesn’t help me reach my goal of having my horror novel finished by the end of the month so I can start Shifted Magic, Treaty of Dragons #3, next month.

I am really enjoying the horror novel and I know what is supposed to happen. I’m just not sure why I’m struggling to remain awake throughout the day. If I had a job where I moved around a lot then it would make it quite a bit easier. However, just sitting and writing I find my body relaxes a lot. As I don’t have a treadmill desk, it means I’m sitting to write. I think I may have to take advantage of my cabinets and things to stand and write when I’m feeling particularly tired.

Especially as I have already taken advantage of the brief writing sprints and then I go to handle a chore to break it up. That way it isn’t too much at one time and getting up to move around wakes me up once more. I do have to admit that there are times my brain makes a lot of excuses about writing. I’m sure if you’ve read this blog for any length of time you have read such a thing.

It is always the first two weeks of sitting there that kicks my butt. My brain and body go to war and try to help me with excuses on why we should stop writing. While there are plenty of articles out there that speak of the fact that your passion should motivate you and you certainly can read a lot of authors that talk about how excited they are to sit down and work.

These factors have given me a lot of doubt about my writing as a career choice. While I tell stories almost continuously throughout the day, maybe writing them down isn’t for me. Especially when you factor in that I don’t find a lot of joy in the process of writing. It certainly has given me plenty of cause to question the genres to which I write.

The thing is, most of these things are my brain convincing me to stop and not force it to work. My motivation muscle simply doesn’t exist most of the time unless I work it out daily by writing. It isn’t a genre thing, or a lack of want to tell amazing stories. It is simply laziness in it’s best.

All brains prefer to run on automatic and by writing I am removing my brain outside of this and it fights me. It fights hard. However, the stronger my muscle gets the more automatic the process of writing becomes. When I have it built up I can easily just sit down at the computer and work without much thought. That is when I know I’ve hit that all precious flow state of being and my motivation muscle is strong.

So, I most definitely need to keep pushing me on the writing. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth it.

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