2020 · February

Art in all Forms

Hello, Readers!

There has been so much going on all at once in my personal life. We’ve been prepping for our youngest daughter to go down south to college in August, which means a lot of paperwork to fill out and things to purchase. Not to mention I have gotten news about a family member that has really kicked me right in the teeth. It has been hard to deal with all of that.

I’ve found for a few weeks now that I’ve hit a type of low. It hasn’t felt exactly like depression, or at least not the severe cases I used to get. I’m sure being on medication is helping with that. Still, I haven’t wanted to do much. My energy level has been incredibly low, and while I get out to do things I’m not near as present as I usually am….well, I wasn’t.

I haven’t been writing either, which has only proved to spiral it all a bit more out of my control. However, thanks to the endless support the hubby man always gives, I have picked up a new hobby to help with such times. While it isn’t words down on the page, I have found just as much joy in painting.

I’ve been doing both acrylic and watercolor painting. One really led me to the other when it came to working with mediums. I started with watercolor paintings and still have a lot to learn, like not being so heavy handed with the paint. I’ve also found a love for painting trees.

So, I’ve been doing that form of art to help myself stay creative and to help heal bits of my soul. Or, at least, learn to better cope with things. By taking this time for myself, it has given me a chance to renew my own energy.

As an introvert I rather like time by myself. I need it.

Anyway, I awoke today feeling much more like myself. At 2:30 this morning I was able to hear the ferocious Moose let me know he had to go potty, so I threw on pants and took the dogs for a walk. By 6:20, I took them out again this morning. This time I took the longer leashes so they could have some play time. I also took the hubby man to help me with them. While they didn’t play fetch, they did have plenty of space and time to wrestle with each other.

I got them breakfast before settling in to do my work. However, once he’d eaten, the ferocious Moose alerted me once more that he had to go potty. While it had only been an hour since we’d returned, I figured it was better to take him out when he alerted and him do nothing, then not listen and set us back with potty training, plus have him go in the house. Turns out, he had to go, so we are making real progress on that front.

Thank heavens. The amount of frustration we were having with potty training was bad. Even the hubby man, who has a great deal of patience normally was losing his. I truly hope, that we’ve made quite a breakthrough and have learned his cues on when he needs to go out.

So, here is to hoping that things are turning around here at the house. While, everything hitting at once has certainly sapped energy from me at times. It isn’t like any depression I’ve known before, and hard to explain. Hopefully, the storm has passed, at least for a little while.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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