2020 · March

Hopefully This Works

Hello, Readers!

I’m hoping that WordPress is finally working and I can post here once more. I’ve missed all of you.

This week is an interesting week here at the house. Yesterday was the weigh in for our doctor monitored eating plans. We did a great job and even if the scale didn’t scream massive numbers for me, I am proud of me. I can do things that I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Not only have I gone down a pant and shirt size, which means I’m back in cute clothes that I haven’t seen in a long time, but this week the hubby man is off work.

As a change of pace, my oldest daughter and I played beauty shop. We bleached and dyed her hair a beautiful blue and have ideas for how to do it better next time. Mine, is a fantastic purple color. The hubby man picked it out and I have to say…he has great taste. This hair color makes me feel amazing.

Today, our son is coming for a visit as well. We bought the expansion for one of our favorite board games and we got a new one, so there shall be some fun times ahead. He is also going to help the hubby man get the car down to our favorite mechanic. It is time for it to be registered once more.

Tomorrow, I will be gone for most of the day. My little sister and I have created a best sister friends anniversary day and will be celebrating it. We are going to go hike Antelope Island, eat a picnic and just have fun. The weather should be fairly nice at 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and the bugs shouldn’t be out yet, so that will be nice.

As for my writing I have so many books floating around in my head, but I’ve been working on only two regardless. I’m ready to get it all started and have some fun. Something flipped inside of me last week. I quit stressing myself out about doing things the ‘right’ way or following all these imaginary rules. That lifted a massive weight off me.

After all, none of that helped me. It only left me stuck in the mud and spinning my wheels. So, no more. Now, I will write for the fun of writing. It doesn’t matter genre or any of that. I just want to have fun once again. I’m sure some will be up for sale, but right now that isn’t my focuses.

My focus is telling the amazing stories in my head. To write it all to the best of my ability and being okay with creating ugly first draft babies. My favorite part is editing anyway. That is where I can take that quick draft and polish it up ‘so it looks like I knew what I was doing all along’, as Neil Gaiman says.

I always wanted my first draft to be so close to perfect when I was done writing it, that I had very little editing to even worry about. Problem was by doing that, I took the real fun out of writing to begin with. Not to mention it has never been perfect or close to perfect when I’m done.

I think I’ve come to terms with that. I am a truly messy first drafter. I need those blank pages to spew vomit onto so that I can later figure out all the pieces of the story. It allows me to enjoy what I do and later, make it look like it had all its pieces before.

While these are all words that I’ve said a thousand times, I’ve never followed them. I say them and then panic later. During that panic I plot out all the details so there is no saggy middle, no wandering down rabbit holes, but all my favorite books I’ve written were born as ugly babies that grew into the gems they are now. So, there has to be some truth and happiness in that factor.

Anyway, it is time to sit down and write once more. Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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