2020 · March

The Challenges That Come With Change

Hello, Readers!

Today begins the social experiment on rather my family can all remain locked in a house and not go at each others throats. My youngest daughter’s school is all online. Not to mention the hubby man’s work has gone to from home as well. As for my oldest daughter and myself, we are working from home all the time anyway.

We have only begun and I can point out some of the challenges with this all. There are two toddlers in the house. The amount of energy two small ones under five has can be challenging to keep volume under control for business calls, the ability to focus on homework for the youngest, and the fact that I don’t have a strong enough internet connection to allow me to post on WordPress from my back office.

If it wasn’t enough of a challenge so far, the early morning, we lost power. So, I stayed up to make sure that hubby man was up in time to begin work, and my daughter was up in time for her schooling. When the power came back on two hours earlier than expected, I got a bit more sleep.

With the internet not being strong enough to sustain it in the back office, we are all crammed out in the living room and trying to get things done. My youngest daughter has Body Conditioning first for school. The teacher emailed her two links that she could choose from. One was a HIIT workout and the other beginner yoga. She choose the yoga workout thinking it would be easier.

As I told her that I would work out with her, that meant I was doing yoga as well. Her idea of yoga being easier…wasn’t entirely correct. We have discovered muscles within our bodies that I never knew existed. Okay, that isn’t true, but certainly there is some muscle weakness and pain. However, we have her first class done. Now it would be lunch time at the school, so her other classes, which will have some conferences, don’t begin for another hour.

Now, as I sit here and work up the string of blog posts to schedule, I’m across from the hubby man. He is busy at work. As for my living room now that there isn’t a yoga mat on the floor….Sir Topham Hat’s Thomas world has blown up leaving wooden tracks scattered about and hot wheels tracks. You know, we can’t just have one mess at a time out. That would just make sense.

Also, my oldest daughter is currently setting up her work station. She has a lot of Scrunchies orders. If you’d like to check out her material and such, you can find her here. She does ship, so if you are interested you can contact her through her Facebook page. She has such a wide variety of material from solid colors and tie dye to themed material. If you’re interested, give it a look and see if she has something that appeals to you.

Today, I need to get all the blog posts written, so tomorrow I can scrub down the house. On Wednesday RC Wiley’s is coming to install a new dishwasher for us, which is going to be so awesome. I can’t remember the last time ours worked. It’ll be nice not to have to hand wash all the time.

Hopefully, I can find the extension for the WIFI before the day is out, so that I can work from my office. Especially when I need to sit down and actually write. I do better when I can sit and think without any noise.

So, here is to us and not murdering each other during the trying time. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “The Challenges That Come With Change

    1. Thank you. We had to wait for today. Their distribution center where they were going to pick up the dishwasher was outside of the airport. It got hit with the earthquakes yesterday and was closed. So, they should be here earlier today to do it.

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