2020 · April

Making a Vow to Myself

Hello, Readers!

Over the last year I have set goal after goal only to quit a few days in. I’ve tried to participate in NaNoWriMos only to do the same thing. Mind you, this was all before Covid19 struck the world as well.

I don’t even have the excuse that this has thrown my schedule off. While, I do admit that it definitely has changed things around here, it has nothing to do with my productivity. Only my days and night, which are completely off.

I’ve struggled to find a schedule that works for me. Or even something I can stick to doing. I have had success before with promising that for two weeks I will sit down and write every day. I never do so with a word count in mind.

I mark the beginning day on my calendar with a star in the corner, and the same with the ending. That way I can see how dedicated I have been. Even if I sit down and write for only a few sentences, or a few hours, I draw a heart on the calendar.

Not having the stress of a word count helps me find the time to sit down and write. It doesn’t allow my brain to conjure up the reason that there simply isn’t enough time to write a few thousands words during this small gap of free time I found. Instead, I simply sit down and pound out the thoughts in my head.

Most of the time I do find that just by the sheer act of sitting down and writing that it builds momentum. Not only that, but once I get through the initial grudge of simply sitting down and putting words to paper – after all, I can manage a few sentences a day. That is easy. I do end up sitting down and working for a few hours.

I draw a big heart on my calendar and I feel accomplished for the rest of the day. Also, that simple act of doing that leaves me to think about my book throughout the day and some days I find myself back at the computer later on to write more. Even on the days when the words are harder to come by, just those few sentences gives me joy. I can be proud of that because I kept the vow to myself.

If you are like most people and struggling to be productive during this time, try this method with your own work to see if it might help. While I’m aware one technique doesn’t work for everyone, it may be worth a shot.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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