2020 · April

A New Chapter of our Lives

Hello, Readers!

Happy Thursday! Yesterday was a day of a lot of realizations around here. Due to my youngest daughter’s high school being shutdown with everything else in the state, there has been much contemplation on rather there will even be a graduation ceremony this year.

As the state is starting to lift this restriction, much to my disbelief that we are out of the water just yet, they are going to do a ceremony of sorts. It’ll be the most unique one that I have ever been to, that is for sure.

They will be doing a virtual ceremony. So, we will drive to the parking lot of the high school she started at three years ago in another city. The only reason she attends a different school now, is due to them opening up a second location closer to our home, so it is still the same school.

There will a ceremony beginning early in the morning and then to walk across the ‘stage’ they will be doing a car parade to receive their diplomas. While it isn’t quite like she imagined when she thought of her graduation, I am still grateful that she gets to do something.

Yesterday, due to this new change the principal drove around dropping off caps, gowns, and invitations….yeah, I think the company just didn’t want to refund the money for the invitations. Anyway, I stole the opportunity to snap a few pictures of her in her cap and gown.

The look on her face was nothing like expected. She looked heartbroken. Not only was it a realization that her senior year completely sucked, but that this was it for her school days here with us. Next year, she will be over five hours away and living in dorms.

While she is super excited for this transition, I think the sense of loss of old friends and familiarity hit her pretty hard. It took me many pictures just to get a smile on her face while wearing the cap and gown. She tried to joke that it was because the gown made her look fat, but you could see how hard it was for her.

I know I will be packing her up a journal and pens for when she graduates. That way she will have somewhere to keep her precious thoughts while she figures out who she is as an adult. That time is always rough as you transition from a kid where a parent tells you what to do, to realizing all the responsibility and consequences of your actions fall upon you.

This time next year, she will be graduating with her associates degree as well in college. She came so close to getting her high school diploma and associates in one goal. Still, that being said, I am so very proud for how hard she has worked to get here.

She is truly a beckon of light to all that surround her. She is strong, funny, and witty to simply name a few traits. Even the power to work hard for the things she wants resides inside of her. There is no doubt in my mind that she will go wherever she so chooses.

I couldn’t be more proud of any of my kids. My oldest daughter is raising two handsome, headstrong boys, much like herself, my son is currently in the process of moving into his own apartment this year, and now my youngest will be preparing for college. While my oldest does currently live at home, I have a sneaky feeling it won’t be for much longer either.

That realization hit me this morning like a ton of bricks. The hubby man and I are fixing to start new chapters in our lives of not raising children any more. Neither of us are all that old either, so the options are vast for us. It has definitely brought about thoughts of what the future will hold for us.

I know that having him by my side through all of this, and getting the opportunity to grow old with him…it is the most incredible gift.

Until next time, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “A New Chapter of our Lives

  1. This year will be hard for those graduating and not getting a ceremony. I’m glad she gets something and it willbe one to remember. She can brag to her brother and sister hers was unique lol
    Good luck to the future.

    1. Her life has certainly been unique. She was born when the world mourned the loss of all those people during 9/11, and she graduates during a pandemic. Maybe because her life has been filled with so much loss, including that of my mother…it will help toughen her up ready for the future?

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