A Look Back

Hello, Readers! I was holding a nice in-depth conversation with a great friend of mine, Cat. We were discussing our individual writing processes, what programs worked for us and didn't, and advice we'd received over the years that may or may not have been helpful. Now, I've come to the decision that advice is more... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding and Renewing

Hello, Readers! Happy Friday!! I have come to a point where I am no longer ahead of my posts. I forget to sometimes come here, and fill you all in on my progress. Yesterday was quite a rough day for me in the fact that I missed a goal that I kind of hoped to... Continue Reading →

Stress and Press

Hello, Readers! I wanted to drop in and give you a quick update. I'm sitting over 30,000 words into this second draft. Which is a lot of work, however, yesterday I hit a wall where I just couldn't continue on. I hated everything about the document, and overall nothing was what I wanted it to be.... Continue Reading →

Steps Toward Completion

Hello, Readers! I had a friend, and my editor, ask me what steps I took before releasing my novel. At first, the answer was simple, write, rewrite, get edited, beta, publish done. After we finished up our conversation I sat back and thought about all of this. That wasn't correct at all. I didn't want to... Continue Reading →

Over that hump so to speak

Hello, Readers! Some of you might think that is a pretty curious title for my blog. It is unless you follow along on the blog often. Most of the regular readers know that a huge hump for me when it comes to my writing tends to be from word marker 0 to somewhere in the... Continue Reading →

Snippet Sunday

  Hello, Readers! It's that time of the week once again where you can sample a lot of varieties of stories from the lovely romance to fantasy, to horror. Before we get to the juicy goodness a brief update on the writing. I'm almost completely finished with the first part of the book. It should... Continue Reading →

My Common Misconceptions

Hello, Readers! It's been a few days. I got lost in 2nd draft mode, which happens from time to time. I wanted to take a few moments to pen this post. There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to books and the art of writing. After all, it is an art form.... Continue Reading →

The Writer Mood

Hello Readers! Often times you will find that writers have certain rituals that they go through before they are in the mood for writing. Some believe that smell sensory is the way to go. That just being exposed to certain smells automatically gets them in the mood to write. Other believe that being in the... Continue Reading →

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