I Dropped the Ball Again

Hello, Readers! It's been one of those weeks where time has not been on my side. Instead, I've spent most of it with family, and not in work mode. I did finish the prologue for a piece that I've been thinking about. My work on that has ended there. Not because I plan to quit... Continue Reading →

Stay Focused

Happy Friday, Readers!! It's been a crazy rollercoaster ride, that is in no way going to slow down until May possibly. That's okay, though. I'm one of those insane people that thrive better when my life is busy. As for my writing, I've decided to start writing by hand on my latest idea so that I... Continue Reading →

Doubt, Fear, and moving past it.

Hello, Readers! I, like many others on this earth suffer from crippling doubts and fear on so many subjects that it would make your head spin, but especially my writing. It's a common attribute with creative folks. Shoot, it's common no matter what type of person you are. For years, this has been something I've... Continue Reading →

Faster Results

Hello, Readers! Happy Tuesday. I am late in posting this as usual, but that wasn't to be helped. I had my grandson for a few days, and I wanted to soak up as much time with him as possible. Now that he has returned home to his mom I'm back on schedule. Today I wanted... Continue Reading →


Hello, Readers! I was at a loss on what to share with all of you this morning. This week has passed in an array of fevered delusions,  a lot of naps, and a crashed network frenzy. It's been a week. Let me tell you, not much happening on the writing front while I recover. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Hump Day Already

Hello, Readers!! I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Wow, this week is passing by in a hurry. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I've been down sick. The weather here has been all over the map so it was bound to happen. On the writing front, I've gotten 2k... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to recharge your batteries!

Hello, Readers! Happy Monday! Now, when I tell you not to forget to recharge your batteries I'm not talking about laptops, and phones, though both of those can be quite helpful. Sometimes you find yourself in a writing slump. You're no longer feeling the story that you're writing on, and the words just won't come.... Continue Reading →

Road Block City

Hello, Readers! On Wednesday, I went over how I've hit the brick wall of the middle of the document, and while I truly believed that was it I have written, and rewritten chapter 20 a ton. There is something about this point forward that is not gelling well with me. My brain is refusing to... Continue Reading →

Unneeded Pressure

Hello, Readers! Yesterday wasn't a productive day at all for me. One it doesn't help that I've been down sick since Sunday, but it was more than that. Something internally was going on in my head that allowed me to give in to just not feeling good. After allowing myself to sit and think about... Continue Reading →

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