The First Chapter

Hello, Readers!¬† I thought today I'd give you the first chapter of Malevolent Mind. ¬©Misty Harvey **** The moonlight cast its beams down between the tree leaves. What minimal light flowed to the earth bathed the scene in an eerie glow. It danced along the small peaks of the river as it ran downstream. Even... Continue Reading →

I Have an Addiction!

Hello, Readers! This post isn't quite as serious as the pretentious title suggests. Merely, I have this huge addiction for stationary. I can't tell you how many notebooks I own that partially filled or not at all. They are everywhere. It seems every project that runs through my head has a notebook rather it needs... Continue Reading →

Gearing Up

Hello, Readers! I'm so excited for what is coming up next. I can feel the story coming together and have laid out a good portion of the work now. I've also experienced that lag in energy that comes where I need a few days of extreme relaxation. As odd as that sounds, that usually occurs... Continue Reading →

A Late Start

Hello, Readers! This is going to be a short post again as I've been off to a late start. My body is taking much longer to recoup from FanX. I've slept extremely restless the last few nights and my dreams have felt so real. I know I've been tossing and turning. By the time I... Continue Reading →

The Excitement Brews

Hello, Readers!   It was an amazingly great weekend over here with FanX. The hubby man had a blast meeting Weird Al. I do believe that was the only highlight he found in the whole thing. We did find some great artwork for our walls. I also found a ton of inspiration for my upcoming... Continue Reading →

Fan X 17 and my take

Hello, Readers! I spent Friday and Saturday at our local FanX in Salt Lake City. I was super excited to be going because I'd purchased my husband a photo opportunity with one of his musical idols. As a side note, let me mention the hubby man was a DJ for many years before we got... Continue Reading →

Camden’s Journey

Hello, Readers! I have had the great fortune to meet many great authors throughout my journey. One of my absolutely favorite series of novels is written by someone I'm very fortunate to call my friend. Which while seems a little bias I dare people to read these novels and not walk away wondering about these... Continue Reading →

Malevolent Mind Release Day!!

Hello, Readers!! Today is release day for Malevolent Mind. I'd be absolutely lying if I didn't say I'm so excited about this. Haha. In celebration for such a huge step for me, we're going to host games with prizes right here all weekend long! The winners will be chosen and announced on Monday on the... Continue Reading →

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