The Hardest Day of the Week

Hello, Readers!!! When I started the theme days I thought Friday would be the easiest day of the week to fill. After all, it is merely about telling you all the type of things I enjoy. The only problem is that I don't finish projects fast enough to have something to fill every Friday slot.... Continue Reading →

Active vs Passive #wordcountwednesday

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to word count Wednesdays. My apologies for missing last weeks. I remembered only too late to get one up for that day. Understand that what I post here are things that I've learned over the course of my own writing career. I'd like to go over the difference between passive vs.... Continue Reading →

Smoking Guns Part Three

Hello, Readers!!! Welcome back to the final installment of Smoking Guns. I hope you enjoy it. Next week will begin a new short story. Smoking Guns Part Three  ©2018 Misty Harvey  ‘Father. I’d wondered how they’d known where to find me. I suppose that question is answered.’ Demetrius muttered. He kept his head bowed in... Continue Reading →

Missed Days

Hello, Readers! Some of you may have noticed that I've missed a few days since last week. Generally, they are Fun Day Fridays. I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you, but rather have been having a few days that have been less than fun. Between the few weeks, I've lost... Continue Reading →

Smoking Guns Part Two

Hello, Readers!!! Welcome back to Mythology Monday. Here is the next part to some of Demetrius' history. I hope you enjoy it. As always this is unedited, so please take that into account. Smoking Guns Part Two: ©2018 Misty Harvey Demetrius lifted a hand to his top hat, pulling down a pair of goggles. This particular... Continue Reading →

Smoking Guns History Part One

Hello, Readers! I apologize for the tardiness of this post. We spent most of last week out buying new furniture, building it and doing various other things that needed to get done. It has left me exhausted and left me with barely any time to sit down to get it done yet. As promised, here... Continue Reading →

Fun Day Friday

Hello, Readers!! I'm one of those types of people that I have a lot of half-finished projects around here. I absolutely love crafts. All types of them from clay work to crochet to even rug work I even have a few afghans lying around here that have never been finished. It's about time I get... Continue Reading →

Writer Wednesdays

Hello, Readers!! I would like to spend Wednesdays talking to you about my writing processes. There is a chance that anything written here may or may not work for you. That was something I had to learn over a long period of time. I used to search out writing blogs to learn so-called 'magical writing... Continue Reading →

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