2018, March

Smoking Guns Part Two

Hello, Readers!!! Welcome back to Mythology Monday. Here is the next part to some of Demetrius' history. I hope you enjoy it. As always this is unedited, so please take that into account. Smoking Guns Part Two: ©2018 Misty Harvey Demetrius lifted a hand to his top hat, pulling down a pair of goggles. This particular… Continue reading Smoking Guns Part Two

2018, March

A Writer’s Toolbox #wordcountwednesdays

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to wordcount Wednesdays. I am a firm believer that we should try methods out to see what works for us and what doesn't, but I don't believe that we should take everything we read on blogs and the internet as word of law either. That was a large mistake for me… Continue reading A Writer’s Toolbox #wordcountwednesdays

2018, March

Smoking Guns History Part One

Hello, Readers! I apologize for the tardiness of this post. We spent most of last week out buying new furniture, building it and doing various other things that needed to get done. It has left me exhausted and left me with barely any time to sit down to get it done yet. As promised, here… Continue reading Smoking Guns History Part One


Head Colds are the Worst

Hello, Readers!! This blog post is quite late in coming about. Normally I like to keep a few posts ready to be scheduled when things like this happen, but I've burned through them on various occasions and need to supply some more. This head cold has really knocked me on my behind the last couple… Continue reading Head Colds are the Worst