Not Dwelling on the Complications

Hello, Readers! As I explained yesterday I am in a battle with a seller to get paid what I am due. After going through the fiasco of gathering everything they wanted, they are still giving me the royal run around. Which is enough to irk me beyond reason. However, if I spend my days sitting... Continue Reading →

The Second Novel is Coming

Hello, Readers! I haven't been trying to ignore you, but rather have been locked in discussions about sales with a certain novel dispenser. Up to this point, I haven't been paid for all of my novels and it is rather irritating. When I questioned them on such matters, they wanted me to prove all of... Continue Reading →

Releasing My Expectations

Hello, Readers! Happy Tuesday! The other day I was with my family doing some shopping for Easter. We'd gone down the book aisle which at one time was my favorite aisle ever. I do have to admit that it's been a few years since reading has been such a priority in my life. That is... Continue Reading →

Exciting News!

Hello, Readers!! While I'm continuing to work on book three in the Treaty of Dragons series, the final edits for Poisonous Revenge, book 2 came in my email. I have already gone through and done the edits. Now it is a matter of doing the final readthrough before it heads off to the formatter. That... Continue Reading →

Following Your Instincts

Hello, Readers! As some of you know, I'm participating in Camp Nano. It is where we take a month as a writer and make our work more of a priority. My goal this month was to write 50,000 words by the end of April. That would put most of book three completed by the end... Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Mood

Hello, Readers! I'm not one that will wait for inspiration to write. If I did that, I'd never do anything. I do, however, have things that help me get into the mood to write. Like I'm a huge fantasy nut, both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are some of my favorites. I even... Continue Reading →

Control and Trust

Hello, Readers! As of late, I have felt overwhelmed by the demands on my time. There is a long list of things that I would like to do for myself. I would love to create things out of clay as my last one burned in the over because of my carelessness. There are crochet blankets... Continue Reading →

Shut Up and Work

Hello, Readers! A while back I commented on how I was going to relieve the pressure from myself. That I believed it was causing me a great deal of stress and in turn, it was making my anxiety worse. However, it has been a few months and I haven't accomplished a thing. The relief of... Continue Reading →

Working Within Your Means

Hello, Readers! The one thing that I've had to learn with all of the changes in my schedule is how to be more flexible with my writing. I'll admit, this isn't something I'm particularly good at. I can't stand not being able to work when I want to work. Especially as my sleep schedule is... Continue Reading →

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