Treaty of Dragons Series:

Book 1:

The Treaty of Dragons is in danger.

Dragon after dragon is showing up in the infirmary injured to the point of near death. Their supposed valiant riders are claiming it as nothing more than battle wounds. During a time when Thantyr seems at peace, this draws more than a little attention. Especially, when a healer named Renna Alder can connect to the dragons on a deeper level. She sees flashes and bits of what they’ve been through and it sends her into a rage.

No longer able to sit by idly and accept that all they can do is fight to keep the dragons alive, she disguises herself as a transfer student named Elas. Under this pretext, she joins the dragon rider school to investigate what really is happening to these dragons. However, what she discovers is something far darker and more sinister than she ever could imagine. Can Renna find a way to save the dragons before she falls to a similar fate? Or has she discovered more than she can handle?

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Book 2:

You can never return home.

Deciding to tackle the hardest dragon clutch according to rumor, Alneck leads The Opseti Guard to his home city, Camier. Upon arrival not only are they met with destruction and decay but a band of assassins have taken over. They threaten the few remaining occupants of Camier and hunt the local dragons. It is up to Alneck and the other members of The Opseti Guard to not only free the townsfolk of Camier from the assassins, but to save the black dragon clutch from being hunted. Through twists, turns, and failed attempts The Opseti Guard are tested as a team. The question is, when all hope seems lost can they bond as a team and learn to work together? Or will Alneck’s past drive them apart when it comes calling?

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