Ugh, Electronics!

Hello, Readers! I'm sure you can discern the topic by the header of this one. I can't even go into how far I'm frustrated with the last few days and the electronics in my life. I'm well aware a lot... Continue Reading →

While the World Sleeps

Hello, Readers! My sleep cycle is completely shot. This leaves me sleeping most of the morning, but somehow it is working for me so far. While it drives the rest of my family nuts I'm getting more work done during... Continue Reading →

Gearing up to Write

Hello, Readers! I'm one of those people where I make the decision to settle down and write awhile before I actually do so. Part of that is procrastination, but the other part is my brain works on some of the... Continue Reading →

Change of Plans

Hello, Readers! Sometimes having the ability to change your plans is an incredible advantage. This weekend definitely shows that. This weekend we were going to celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday by going out to dinner and such. Thanks to the... Continue Reading →

My Sleep Schedule

Hello, Readers! I know I keep missing days in here where there are no blog posts. I'm trying to be more accountable, but the fact is I don't have something to say every day. My writing is coming along slowly,... Continue Reading →

Sluggishly Back to Work

Hello, Readers! I have to admit returning to work after such a long time off from being so sick can be hard. I have a friend that once called any extensive time off from a novel as a kiss of... Continue Reading →

Back After Sickness

Hello, Readers! It's been awhile since I've blogged or done much of anything. I have come down with a severe sinus infection and while I'm feeling much better than I was, I still am not fully recovered. It's a slow... Continue Reading →

The First Chapter

Hello, Readers!¬† I thought today I'd give you the first chapter of Malevolent Mind. ¬©Misty Harvey **** The moonlight cast its beams down between the tree leaves. What minimal light flowed to the earth bathed the scene in an eerie... Continue Reading →

I Have an Addiction!

Hello, Readers! This post isn't quite as serious as the pretentious title suggests. Merely, I have this huge addiction for stationary. I can't tell you how many notebooks I own that partially filled or not at all. They are everywhere.... Continue Reading →

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