Emergency Rooms and Bandaids

Hello, Readers! Today's post will be a brief one. Yesterday was a day of little work. Not necessarily because I slacked on getting my work done, but because I babysat my grandbabies while my daughter had a dental visit. My oldest grandson decided to take a spill while I was throwing out diapers and fetching... Continue Reading →

Backward Thinking

Hello, Readers!! We are often told things like follow your passion. If you follow your passion into a job you will work in a field you absolutely love. For a long time, I believed this way of thinking. The words tortured me. I loved writing. It has been something I've enjoyed since I was really... Continue Reading →

One Merry Go Ride

Hello, Readers!! I can't tell you the real sense of surprise that I had when this epiphany struck me last night. I've always been one that has known how short life can be. I lost my father when I was young and faced a lot of situations where it brought my mortality into question. Still,... Continue Reading →

The Mentality Behind Life Changes

Hello, Readers! As most of you know I've been on a journey to improving my life on so many fronts. From my mental state to my physical, to my career, and my finances. You've probably also seen me fall off these wagons time and time again, but you've also seen me get back to them.... Continue Reading →

A Busy Weekend and Heat Exhaustion

Hello, Readers! I missed posting this entire weekend. I am sorry about that. I should have prewritten posts and scheduled them to go live, but it didn't occur to me that we'd be so busy both days. I will work on getting better about making sure there are posts to go live on the days... Continue Reading →

My Natural Abilities

Hello, Readers!! Happy Friday!! The hubby man has been amazing at being a sounding board for me through this journey. I have talked this poor man's ear off on more than one occasion. Especially over deep conversations that sound like I'm going back and forth until I figure things out. I'm sure he's beyond confused,... Continue Reading →

Warrior Mentality

Hello, Readers! Happy Thursday to all. I have to admit I received an email last night that upset me. Instead of handling it, I let it sit. Not so I could stew in anger, but rather so I could not come at it with such an emotion. My instant reaction wasn't the correct one in... Continue Reading →

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