A Change in Schedule

Hello, Readers! Things seem to constantly be in a state of flux around this house. Some weeks the hubby man is working from home. Others he is at the office working. Now, my oldest daughter is back to working it means a big change in my schedule as well. Why you may ask? She has... Continue Reading →

Book Three and Counting

Hello, Readers! Today is the first day of spring. I can feel it in the air. Our porch door stays open more often than not and the hubby man has started a craft that takes a lot of outdoor work, so he is excited. While the actual nature of said project is a mystery to... Continue Reading →

Taking Over My Life Once More

Hello, Readers! The weather is finally good enough to open up the doors, so we started to get the house cleaned up and ready. Almost like a spring cleaning of sorts just not as deep of a clean. Well, normally I have a large glass L-shaped desk that sits in the living room. When Christmas... Continue Reading →

Winter Blues Coming to an End

Hello Readers! There is something to be said about being able to open doors and windows and let fresh air in after being cooped up for so long. It has been warm for the last few days, though we are due for a slight dip in temperature by the weekend with a chance of snow... Continue Reading →

Everything Moves Forward

Hello, Readers! Today, I actually managed to wake up without an anxiety attack. It was glorious. I believe it happened because I not only ate yesterday somewhat normally, but I got some sleep. The Hubby Man purchased me some Zzzquil to help get my system back on track. While it didn't keep me asleep like... Continue Reading →

Enlightening Conversations

Hello, Readers! While I have told you that I was offered a spot in another charity anthology I haven't done much with it. I know the story I'm going to work on, which is exciting as it will be an accompanying piece for the Treaty of Dragons series. Still, I haven't made any progress. Especially... Continue Reading →

Chomping At The Bit

Hello, Readers!! I am so excited and ready to dig into book three so that it may see a release date in probably late spring or summer time. At least, that is the goal. However, I need to bump the short story for the anthology before the third book. It won't take me long to... Continue Reading →

Another Anthology Opportunity

Hello, Readers! I took time to step away from the series and toy with a different story idea. There was a very real chance that the story simply wasn't ever going to be finished and it wasn't going to be published. It was a chance to keep my creative mind working like a well-oiled machine.... Continue Reading →

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