Release Day Tomorrow!

Hello, Readers! I can't believe tomorrow will see the release of Malevolent Mind! I'm absolutely excited about it. Yesterday the paperback proof copy showed up so that I could go over it to approve that part of the release as well. It looks absolutely phenomenal. Pictures do it absolutely no justice. The matte finish for... Continue Reading →

An Unforgettable Character

Hello, Readers! I have this image in my head of a new character. She is spunky, cute, and she won't leave me alone. I don't mean in that whole she talks to me thing, but in the fact that I can't seem to get her out of my head. I've been working on laying out... Continue Reading →

Next Step Release

Hello, Readers! Thank you all for returning. I have to say that the Malevolent Mind cover release went amazingly well. I had a lot of fun getting to know other authors and bloggers. I hope to get a chance to continue to enjoy their company as well. The next step is for Malevolent Mind to... Continue Reading →

Malevolent Mind Cover Reveal

Hello, Readers! Welcome to Malevolent Mind's cover reveal. I'm so happy that you've dropped by to join in on my exciting adventures. This novel has been a source of great joy and fear to me. I've had so much fun creating this novel and learning along the way. I hope that all of you enjoy... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal and Moving On

Hello, Readers! Tomorrow brings around the cover reveal. It'll be going live on many different blogs in a grand tour. Thank you again for all of those that are stepping up to help me get the news out. While this definitely doesn't end the marketing that will need to be done as the novel grows... Continue Reading →

The Excitement is Overwhelming

Hello, Readers! As some of you may know the cover reveal for Malevolent Mind is coming up on Friday. I can't begin to express how excited I am for this milestone. It's been killing me not to post this cover up everywhere possible. I do have to say along the journey that I have met... Continue Reading →

Letting Go!

Hello, Readers! I missed yesterday for blogging so I wanted to come back with a great blog post. The question was which blog to write about. Should I have gotten into the fact that of is a useless word in my novel? I swear two rounds of edits and we've gone through and almost all... Continue Reading →

Marketing Ideas

Hello, Readers! I am now getting into a part of the writing process that I am admittedly my weakest. However, I am also in search of ways to market my novel to stand out more. I know the normal methods of book release parties, blog hops, and such. I am in the search for those,... Continue Reading →

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