Getting Ahead Of The Game

Hello, Readers! As I've stated before I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I've managed to stay on track or catch back up fairly easily the one day I did miss. However, as of next Thursday, I will not be available again until later on Sunday. Okay, possibly Monday. My son has requested special... Continue Reading →

A Look Back In Time

Hello, Readers! I was getting ready to write in my journal today. I'd noticed the first page of the journal was almost an exact year ago. Out of curiosity, I decided to read what the journal entries contained. Sure enough, I read that I still questioned the genre that I was writing in. More so,... Continue Reading →

Book Three and Counting

Hello, Readers! Today is the first day of spring. I can feel it in the air. Our porch door stays open more often than not and the hubby man has started a craft that takes a lot of outdoor work, so he is excited. While the actual nature of said project is a mystery to... Continue Reading →

Taking Over My Life Once More

Hello, Readers! The weather is finally good enough to open up the doors, so we started to get the house cleaned up and ready. Almost like a spring cleaning of sorts just not as deep of a clean. Well, normally I have a large glass L-shaped desk that sits in the living room. When Christmas... Continue Reading →

Everything Moves Forward

Hello, Readers! Today, I actually managed to wake up without an anxiety attack. It was glorious. I believe it happened because I not only ate yesterday somewhat normally, but I got some sleep. The Hubby Man purchased me some Zzzquil to help get my system back on track. While it didn't keep me asleep like... Continue Reading →

Enlightening Conversations

Hello, Readers! While I have told you that I was offered a spot in another charity anthology I haven't done much with it. I know the story I'm going to work on, which is exciting as it will be an accompanying piece for the Treaty of Dragons series. Still, I haven't made any progress. Especially... Continue Reading →

It is Time

Hello, Readers! It has been a few days, let me tell you. They weren't busy days. Not really. They were personally...horrible for me. I was left with the feeling of being broken and defeated. Writing wasn't a thing for me any longer and I simply wanted to give up on it all. No more goals... Continue Reading →

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