Shut Up and Work

Hello, Readers! A while back I commented on how I was going to relieve the pressure from myself. That I believed it was causing me a great deal of stress and in turn, it was making my anxiety worse. However, it has been a few months and I haven't accomplished a thing. The relief of... Continue Reading →

Camping and Editing

Hello, Readers! Happy April first or April Fools Day if you are a lover of such. Personally, I don't care about the holiday. There are too many cruel jokes at others expense. Most are simply not funny. As some of you may know today begins Camp NaNoWriMo for me. This time around instead of logging... Continue Reading →

Self Discovery Along the Journey

Hello, Readers! Some of you may notice that I will be writing blog posts each day once more. The reason behind this is rather simply, as much as I thought themed days would help me here, that just wasn't the case. My readership dropped more as I was blogging less, plus I found I often... Continue Reading →

First Day of Camp Nano

Hello, Readers! Today is the first day of Camp Nano. I have to admit that I'm struggling to get focused. I've grown accustomed to working around an almost two-year-old's demands for my attention and now that he's not here for the day it's too quiet. While I've always suffered from procrastination issues it's feeling bad... Continue Reading →

Now This Feels More Like Camp

Hello, Readers! It's the sixth day of Camp Nano. True to my usual I found myself lacking. I didn't even make it a week into Camp before my word count fell behind. It's the sixth day of Camp Nano. True to my usual I found myself lacking. I didn't even make it a week into... Continue Reading →

Fixing the Draft

Hello, readers! Happy Friday! Let me tell you, it's been one of those weeks where you swear there is someone else throwing extra days into your week. However, we are finally here. This Friday also brings a new challenge. It's the first day of Camp Nano, which means I've dug in my heels to get... Continue Reading →

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