Self Discovery Along the Journey

Hello, Readers! Some of you may notice that I will be writing blog posts each day once more. The reason behind this is rather simply, as much as I thought themed days would help me here, that just wasn't the case. My readership dropped more as I was blogging less, plus I found I often... Continue Reading →

Sickness and Plotting

Hello, Readers! I have been down and out for almost a week with a sinus cold that wasn't going to let go. While I'm not all the way back to normal breathing I feel immensely better! I'm definitely back to being able to handle my own workload and get things done. So, I'm excited to... Continue Reading →

We’re still a few days out

Hello, Readers! We are still a few days out of being able to say formatting and interior work is done, but let me tell you it is going to be so worth it. I've seen some of the design for the chapter headers and we've discussed some of the other work she is doing as... Continue Reading →

Blurred Lines

Hello, Readers! I am not talking about that song in this post. Let me just clear that up from the beginning. In fact, I don't care for the song myself. However, what it does pertain to is my research I've been doing in trying to nail down my next project. I couldn't help myself. Even... Continue Reading →

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