Applying My Focus

Hello, Readers! I have spent today following my strategy and applying my focus. While I need to work on setting my schedule and sticking to it. For the first time, in a long time, I've managed to sit down and really put in some writing time. My novel is back to making forward progression, which... Continue Reading →

Transformational Coaching

Hello, Readers! During my workouts, I listen to a lot of motivational speeches. I find that it puts me in the mindset that I need to not only push through it but for a more productive and positive day. Yesterday was no exception to this. The only thing that changed was which motivational speech I... Continue Reading →

Tabletop Gaming Endeavors

Hello, Readers!! Most of you know by now that I write mainly fantasy, or at least that is where I'm at currently. It is something I love doing and the goal is to release the entire Treaty of the Dragons Series in the next few years. To which I'm super excited for all of you... Continue Reading →

Finding the Balance

Hello, Readers! Man is it good to be back. We had a horrible bought of flu circle the family. It wasn't as if it took out all of us at once, but rather one at a time. Which is probably for the best as we only have two bathrooms here. Still, it left an entire... Continue Reading →

Taking the Pressure Off

Hello, Readers!!! Once again it has been awhile since I've written a blog post. I've had a list of blog posts that I've wanted to get written and ready to get geared up. Instead, a black cloud came over me. I tossed up my hands and thought, why bother.┬áThis isn't an uncommon occurrence for anyone... Continue Reading →

My Natural Abilities

Hello, Readers!! Happy Friday!! The hubby man has been amazing at being a sounding board for me through this journey. I have talked this poor man's ear off on more than one occasion. Especially over deep conversations that sound like I'm going back and forth until I figure things out. I'm sure he's beyond confused,... Continue Reading →

Warrior Mentality

Hello, Readers! Happy Thursday to all. I have to admit I received an email last night that upset me. Instead of handling it, I let it sit. Not so I could stew in anger, but rather so I could not come at it with such an emotion. My instant reaction wasn't the correct one in... Continue Reading →

The Reasons Why #wordcountwednesday

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to a wordcount Wednesday. I've really been working hard on the first book of the Treaty of Dragon series. I will release it in late August/early September time. The first book Dragon Bond has been lying dormant since last year and it was time I needed to pull it out, clean... Continue Reading →

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