2018, January

Happy New Year!

Hello, Readers! This is a time for everyone to break out their resolutions, right? I won't say that I don't have things I'd like to see happen in the new year as well, but not as resolutions. I find that those simply don't work for me. I'm one that I've spent year after year saying… Continue reading Happy New Year!

2017, May

Mindsets Change with Life

Hello, Readers! Over the last few years, I've discovered a lot about myself. While there are times I can come up with a lot of story ideas if I do not jump on them right away to work on them I lose the frame of mind I need to be in to write them. Now… Continue reading Mindsets Change with Life

2017, January

A Month Before Release

Hello, Readers. Time is really ticking closer. I have to admit I've faced my self-doubts in the last week or so. ┬áThat tends to be the case with any impending release. I doubt there is a single author that releases a novel and doesn't go through these sensations. February will be a month of marketing… Continue reading A Month Before Release

2017, January

When The Ideas Come Flooding In

Hello, Readers. During this downtime between books, I've read one amazing book 'Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction; How to create out-of-this-world novels and short stories'. I wasn't sure how the book would turn out as I've purchased many writing help books that just didn't seem to hack it. While I won't follow the book verbatim… Continue reading When The Ideas Come Flooding In

2017, January

Between Novels

Hello, Readers. There is always a time between novels for me. A point in which one is as far as I can get it at that point, but I'm left wondering what is next. It can be like staring into a dark room and waiting for a glimmer of a light to turn on just… Continue reading Between Novels

2017, January

Another Step Along the Way

Hello, Readers. The release of my psychological thriller is growing ever closer. I find that while I'd love to be working on another novel I'm spending most of my time securing the things I need to for the release. Which is to be expected. Recently I managed to secure my editor and pay her in… Continue reading Another Step Along the Way

2017, January

Gathering of Materials

Hello, Readers. Yesterday, I started working on the creation of a new race in my phone. I was jotting down notes and bits of their history as a culture. It wasn't much work, but it certainly was a beginning to the endless work. Again, I don't tend to get a lot of work done on… Continue reading Gathering of Materials

2017, January

Loss of Reality

Hello, Readers. There are times when I become so involved in research, learning new techniques with writing, or brainstorming for a book that I loose touch with reality. I've found over the last few weeks that this has been happening more and more. I function in reality on a minimal level, just enough to be… Continue reading Loss of Reality