2018, February

Folklore, mythology, and the likes.

Hello, Readers! I have always had a deep fascination with older types of storytelling. They were some of my favorite parts of┬áthe courses from my schooling. I won't claim to be a stellar student. In fact, my teachers would probably all agree that I was a horrible student until these subjects came up in the… Continue reading Folklore, mythology, and the likes.

2018, January

All The Things That Didn’t Get Done

Hello, Readers! Wow, I came out of last week looking like those Facebook memes of the chicken with barely any feathers or one of those Chinese Crested dogs. It was a rough one all around. My youngest daughter keeps battled one heck of a cold. We've had bouts of fever on and off and a… Continue reading All The Things That Didn’t Get Done

2017, March

A Late Start

Hello, Readers! This is going to be a short post again as I've been off to a late start. My body is taking much longer to recoup from FanX. I've slept extremely restless the last few nights and my dreams have felt so real. I know I've been tossing and turning. By the time I… Continue reading A Late Start

2017, February

Letting Go!

Hello, Readers! I missed yesterday for blogging so I wanted to come back with a great blog post. The question was which blog to write about. Should I have gotten into the fact that of is a useless word in my novel? I swear two rounds of edits and we've gone through and almost all… Continue reading Letting Go!

2017, February

Marketing Ideas

Hello, Readers! I am now getting into a part of the writing process that I am admittedly my weakest. However, I am also in search of ways to market my novel to stand out more. I know the normal methods of book release parties, blog hops, and such. I am in the search for those,… Continue reading Marketing Ideas

2017, February

Pneumonia Strikes

Hello, Readers! I'm going to pop in for a quick update today. I've had my very sick grandson for a few days now so I haven't made too much progress with new projects. However, I wouldn't change it. He has a combination of double ear infections as well as pneumonia on top of it. So… Continue reading Pneumonia Strikes

2017, February

The Sounds of Plot Bunnies

Hello, Readers! Yesterday was quite a day in my world. I spent most of the day waiting and worrying as my grandson headed into the doctor's to see if he had RSV. After a short time, they sent him to the hospital for x-rays. It wasn't RSV, it is pneumonia. To make a long story… Continue reading The Sounds of Plot Bunnies

2017, February

How Playing MMORPGs Helped Me With Writing

Hello, Readers and Writers! First off, Happy Valentine's Day! I think the title of this post really states what a gaming nerd I am. After all, who else do you know that could convert gaming into such a bonus in all aspects of their lives. 'Gee, it only looks like I'm playing World of Warcraft.… Continue reading How Playing MMORPGs Helped Me With Writing

2017, February

Transitions in Weather and Life

Hello, Readers! First off, l wish to extend a thank you to Amber for the amazing blog header that you see on my website. She has been so great to work with for the covers, bookmarks, and banner, as well as she'll be doing the interior once it is time as well. She can be… Continue reading Transitions in Weather and Life

2017, February

Cover reveals, media kits, and other authorly things

Hello, Readers! Wow, I never realized the true amount of work that goes into launching a novel into the world. Sure, I could simply release it. Let it quietly slip into the throngs of the book world with no real announcement. In fact, I'd be lying if I said that I'd never done such a… Continue reading Cover reveals, media kits, and other authorly things