2018, March

Smoking Guns Part Two

Hello, Readers!!! Welcome back to Mythology Monday. Here is the next part to some of Demetrius' history. I hope you enjoy it. As always this is unedited, so please take that into account. Smoking Guns Part Two: ©2018 Misty Harvey Demetrius lifted a hand to his top hat, pulling down a pair of goggles. This particular… Continue reading Smoking Guns Part Two

2018, March

A Writer’s Toolbox #wordcountwednesdays

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to wordcount Wednesdays. I am a firm believer that we should try methods out to see what works for us and what doesn't, but I don't believe that we should take everything we read on blogs and the internet as word of law either. That was a large mistake for me… Continue reading A Writer’s Toolbox #wordcountwednesdays


Head Colds are the Worst

Hello, Readers!! This blog post is quite late in coming about. Normally I like to keep a few posts ready to be scheduled when things like this happen, but I've burned through them on various occasions and need to supply some more. This head cold has really knocked me on my behind the last couple… Continue reading Head Colds are the Worst

2018, February

Burning the Midnight Oil

Hello, Readers! My work hours have changed for the time being. Not due to anything major, but rather the fact that I've come down with a sinus cold. As my grandbabies are down sick, it was only a matter of time before I too came down with it. While this could spell trouble to make… Continue reading Burning the Midnight Oil

2018, February

A Busy Weekend

Hello, Readers!! It was a busy weekend. My youngest daughter had her first high school dance. The school had other dances prior but they always fell on days when we had other plans that were in place long before. Needless to say, she was so excited when she was able to attend this one. She… Continue reading A Busy Weekend

2018, February

Folklore, mythology, and the likes.

Hello, Readers! I have always had a deep fascination with older types of storytelling. They were some of my favorite parts of the courses from my schooling. I won't claim to be a stellar student. In fact, my teachers would probably all agree that I was a horrible student until these subjects came up in the… Continue reading Folklore, mythology, and the likes.

2018, February

One year, five year, and ten year plans

Hello, Readers! I totally missed my Friday blog post. As I've had problems motivating myself to sit down and write these posts ahead of time, it makes it hard on days when I'm actually busy to squeeze them in. That was completely my fault. Last Friday was my daughter's science fair at the college among… Continue reading One year, five year, and ten year plans

2018, February

A Mix of Methods

Hello, Readers! Happy Valentine's Day for some or happy single awareness for others as my daughters put it. As most of you know I've been exploring and trying to find myself. That does include my writing career that has been on the brink of me quitting for a long time now. It's taken me a… Continue reading A Mix of Methods

2017, September

Again No Posts

Hello, Readers! Happy Labor Day. Again, I didn't get things posted that I wanted to. This is always how it works for me until I get in the habit of writing the posts extremely early in the morning. I've started to babysit for my oldest while she is at work, which keeps me on my… Continue reading Again No Posts