Strange Fun #Fundayfriday

Hello, Readers!!! I've been going through a transition period as many of you know. I'm working on taking control over my life in many aspects and I have to say for it being two weeks of real dedication that I'm feeling quite well. Mentally, I feel stronger than I ever have. I'm more determined to... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Day of the Week

Hello, Readers!!! When I started the theme days I thought Friday would be the easiest day of the week to fill. After all, it is merely about telling you all the type of things I enjoy. The only problem is that I don't finish projects fast enough to have something to fill every Friday slot.... Continue Reading →

Missed Days

Hello, Readers! Some of you may have noticed that I've missed a few days since last week. Generally, they are Fun Day Fridays. I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you, but rather have been having a few days that have been less than fun. Between the few weeks, I've lost... Continue Reading →

Fun Day Friday

Hello, Readers!! I'm one of those types of people that I have a lot of half-finished projects around here. I absolutely love crafts. All types of them from clay work to crochet to even rug work I even have a few afghans lying around here that have never been finished. It's about time I get... Continue Reading →

Head Colds are the Worst

Hello, Readers!! This blog post is quite late in coming about. Normally I like to keep a few posts ready to be scheduled when things like this happen, but I've burned through them on various occasions and need to supply some more. This head cold has really knocked me on my behind the last couple... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journal lifestyle

Hello, Readers! Some of you may remember that I have a huge fascination with the bullet journal system. Over the course of years I've adapted the system to fit my needs and without one I feel incredibly lost. This allows me to keep track of appointments, goals, and anything my brain could possibly need to... Continue Reading →

This is a Week of Being Pensive

Hello, Readers! Sorry for not including the Marketing for Romance Writers prompt here this week, but I had something I considered to be an important topic for me to get out. I suffer from anxiety, which most of you may know from my posts. Often times it really takes a toll on my life, from... Continue Reading →

Just One? #MFRW Week 5

Hello, Readers! That is right, we're back for another Marketing for Romance Writers Blog Challenge. This weeks¬†blog challenge is difficult for me.¬†They want to know, 'A book that has influenced my life'. I thought about ones that pushed me to be a writer. Stephen King's It, Harry Potter series, books by Mercedes Lackey, Ann Rice,... Continue Reading →

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