Emergency Rooms and Bandaids

Hello, Readers! Today's post will be a brief one. Yesterday was a day of little work. Not necessarily because I slacked on getting my work done, but because I babysat my grandbabies while my daughter had a dental visit. My oldest grandson decided to take a spill while I was throwing out diapers and fetching... Continue Reading →

My Natural Abilities

Hello, Readers!! Happy Friday!! The hubby man has been amazing at being a sounding board for me through this journey. I have talked this poor man's ear off on more than one occasion. Especially over deep conversations that sound like I'm going back and forth until I figure things out. I'm sure he's beyond confused,... Continue Reading →

Passion in all Things #Fundayfriday

Hello, Readers! Welcome back. I hope this Friday finds you well. As you may have noticed through reading my blog posts is that I have a love for psychology on many levels. I've always believed that the brain is far more powerful than we have even begun to comprehend. While the medical field has advanced... Continue Reading →

Strange Fun #Fundayfriday

Hello, Readers!!! I've been going through a transition period as many of you know. I'm working on taking control over my life in many aspects and I have to say for it being two weeks of real dedication that I'm feeling quite well. Mentally, I feel stronger than I ever have. I'm more determined to... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Day of the Week

Hello, Readers!!! When I started the theme days I thought Friday would be the easiest day of the week to fill. After all, it is merely about telling you all the type of things I enjoy. The only problem is that I don't finish projects fast enough to have something to fill every Friday slot.... Continue Reading →

Missed Days

Hello, Readers! Some of you may have noticed that I've missed a few days since last week. Generally, they are Fun Day Fridays. I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you, but rather have been having a few days that have been less than fun. Between the few weeks, I've lost... Continue Reading →

Fun Day Friday

Hello, Readers!! I'm one of those types of people that I have a lot of half-finished projects around here. I absolutely love crafts. All types of them from clay work to crochet to even rug work I even have a few afghans lying around here that have never been finished. It's about time I get... Continue Reading →

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