2018, January

The M-E- in my Writing #MFRW

Hello Readers! I thought I'd bring to you week three of the MFRW blog challenge. They ask; How much of you is in your writing? I would be lying to say that there is never any of me in my writing. There will be times when I finish writing a novel and people will tell… Continue reading The M-E- in my Writing #MFRW

2018, January

Changes are Coming

Hello, Readers! A lot of you will notice that once again the website is under construction. It is mostly set up, but will see a few more changes as I go along, but nothing major. I wanted a more colorful blog to reflect the fact that I am starting to write in other genres than… Continue reading Changes are Coming

2017, October

Work Halloween Party Prep and NaNo Countdown

Hello, Readers! Now if that isn't a mouthful right there. There is so much to do in these last few days before NaNo begins. I'm still not ready for it. At least, not fully, but I'm getting that NaNo excitement going so I should be okay in the long run. That is if I survive… Continue reading Work Halloween Party Prep and NaNo Countdown

2017, May

Creativity is a Faucet

Hello, Readers! This is a saying I've heard over and over again. That creativity doesn't flow until you start working and continue working on them. While I'm not one that believes you need to write every single day, I do get the relevance of it in conjunction with the faucet of creativity. There isn't one… Continue reading Creativity is a Faucet

2017, April

Novel Beginnings

Hello, Readers! I missed doing a blog post yesterday. I tried a few times, but no subject matter was coming to me. Yesterday wasn't a great day for me. One of best friends to which I consider a sister got some pretty bad personal news and I find that it hit me pretty hard yesterday.… Continue reading Novel Beginnings

2017, April

Change of Plans

Hello, Readers! Sometimes having the ability to change your plans is an incredible advantage. This weekend definitely shows that. This weekend we were going to celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday by going out to dinner and such. Thanks to the alternator crapping out on our car the plans have changed. We are now ordering in… Continue reading Change of Plans

2017, February

Pneumonia Strikes

Hello, Readers! I'm going to pop in for a quick update today. I've had my very sick grandson for a few days now so I haven't made too much progress with new projects. However, I wouldn't change it. He has a combination of double ear infections as well as pneumonia on top of it. So… Continue reading Pneumonia Strikes

2017, February

The Madness of Plotting

Hello, Readers! I used to swear by being a pantser. That was the way it was for a long time, but I grew frustrated. At the end of each novel, I had created a hot mess. It would have taken so many times of going over and over it to get it sorted out. By… Continue reading The Madness of Plotting