Halloween Cake Begins

Hello, Readers! As some of you may know this is the time of year when I put together a cake for the hubby man's Halloween work party. This years theme: Beetlejuice.  I believe the hubby man and I have come up with a pretty good cake for the celebration. While it won't be as elaborate... Continue Reading →

Magic and Fantasy

Hello, Readers! I truly thought of starting this entire post off with I went to Hogwarts. Talk about a click bait title there. Seriously, if I ran across that title I would absolutely hit that button. Now, to be fair, I obviously haven't been anywhere near any real rendition of Hogwarts. Not Universal Studios or... Continue Reading →

Busy Day

Hello, Readers! I'm really getting to this blog post late today. It's been crazy. Today all six of the cakes were baked and put in the freezer ready to go. That was it's own fiasco there. Between trying to balance the baking while watching my grandsons and working with a new cake recipe it was... Continue Reading →

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