2018, January

Changes are Coming

Hello, Readers! A lot of you will notice that once again the website is under construction. It is mostly set up, but will see a few more changes as I go along, but nothing major. I wanted a more colorful blog to reflect the fact that I am starting to write in other genres than… Continue reading Changes are Coming

2017, October

Work Halloween Party Prep and NaNo Countdown

Hello, Readers! Now if that isn't a mouthful right there. There is so much to do in these last few days before NaNo begins. I'm still not ready for it. At least, not fully, but I'm getting that NaNo excitement going so I should be okay in the long run. That is if I survive… Continue reading Work Halloween Party Prep and NaNo Countdown

2017, July

The Hardest Words of this Novel so far

Hello, Readers! I find that just beginning a project can be the hardest part of a novel. It's those moments when I'm staring down at a new project and seeing the forest for all the trees that I suddenly find 'other' things to do to avoid it. Gee, I can write once the kitchen is… Continue reading The Hardest Words of this Novel so far

2017, June

My Enemy is Actually my Friend

Hello, Readers! As I'm getting ready for Camp Nano next month I find myself thinking about my writing process and everything that it entails from getting up early to procrastination. I must admit that every time I decide I'm going to start a new novel and get it out I find myself instantly tired. For… Continue reading My Enemy is Actually my Friend

2017, June

Another Day in the Writer’s Boot Camp

Hello, Readers! As I go through the Writer's Boot Camp I've found some days are easier to accomplish than others. It isn't a matter of getting up early enough. Surprisingly I haven't had a problem with the rising early enough to get it accomplished, however, there are other things that are more difficult. Yesterday was… Continue reading Another Day in the Writer’s Boot Camp

2017, June

Early Mornings, Tea, and Writing

Hello, Readers! You may have read about the Writer's Boot Camp set my husband bought me from Barnes and Noble. I was reading through that day's 'workout' and I've come to realize that I spend far too much time in unaccountable stages. Which means while I'm doing things I can't specifically tell you what I'm… Continue reading Early Mornings, Tea, and Writing