Alone With One’s Thoughts

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my blog. I am one that enjoys spending time in thoughts. Sure it has the side effect that sometimes I spend too much time that way. That I overthink and overanalyze everything, but I also have the extremes of not doing any of that as well. I sort of numb... Continue Reading →

When Things Go Wrong

Hello, Readers! Have you ever gotten to a point when things just start going wrong and keep going that way? Like an endless spiral of crap. Or maybe it isn't so much an endless spiral of crap, but rather one thing that goes wrong and then another that doesn't go quite like you planned. However,... Continue Reading →

Exciting News!

Hello, Readers! This weekend the hubby man and I went out for our version of a Valentine's Day celebration date. We often times celebrate it on the minimalist on the day. However, this year the hubby man made my favorite meal of pork chops on stuffing and slathered in apple pie filling. I absolutely love... Continue Reading →

Ridiculously Early Mornings

Hello, Readers! Welcome back to my blog. I have to say that for the last two days I have been sleeping in a really odd pattern. While I tend to go to bed by midnight my cat has been getting me up around 2 in the morning every morning. At first, I couldn't figure out... Continue Reading →

The Final Stages Before Release

Hello, Readers! For those of you that follow my facebook page as well, you have seen the announcement. I am in the final stages of getting The Opseti Guard ready for release. The ebook is currently up and ready for me to click the submit button. Which is beyond exciting. After a day in which... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the Journey

Hello, Readers! I am one of the few lucky ones when it comes to my writing career. The hubby man is incredibly supportive. Not only does he help me with edits and believes in me, but he supports me when I'm feeling rather low. The one thing that he has been drilling into my head... Continue Reading →

A Week Off

Hello, Readers! Last week was a horrible week on so many levels. I was already struggling to get into the habit of being motivated. Add in getting sick on top of it all and I was down and out. By the time I felt better after a few days, the hubby man lost someone he... Continue Reading →

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