Refreshed and Renewed

Hello, Readers! Oh my goodness, we had such an amazing visit with family that drove all the way here from Illinois. I have to admit I was sad when they left, but we simply couldn't keep them here forever. All of my worry that we might not all get along was for nothing. I loved... Continue Reading →

All In Preparation

Hello, Readers! The last few days have been a whole lot of running around shopping. This weekend is the 2-year-old grandson's birthday party. So we had to go purchase the sand for the dinosaur dig for the kids at the party. Not only that, but we have family coming from out of town. Which we... Continue Reading →

Another Delay With The Paperback

Hello, Readers! First, let me extend another apology for those of you that are waiting to purchase the paperback of Poisonous Revenge. The cover was rejected for a second time from Amazon after a 24-hour wait. The amount of frustration I am feeling with this cover delay is building. If that wasn't enough my writing... Continue Reading →

A Busy Week Ahead

Hello, Readers! This is the last week of school for my youngest this year. It is packed with fun activities as a way to celebrate the end of the year. She has a trip to a local theme park along with a party at the school. If that wasn't enough it is also the release... Continue Reading →

Remembering The Things That You Love

Hello, Readers! I was in a great conversation with a very close and dear friend. We were discussing our writing careers among how things have changed for us and why. During my explanation to her, I was going on about how I'd lost touch with all the things I used to love. That I'd grown... Continue Reading →

In The Head

Hello, Readers!! The proof copy of the paperback should be here tomorrow. I'll be able to just give the book a final pass and make sure everything looks good. I don't think there will be any problems with it, but it's always good to make a final pass. Due to Poisonous Revenge being dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Continued Love and Support

Thank you, Readers, and welcome back to my blog! I can't fully express how grateful I am that you all continue to read the Opseti Guard novel along with my others. The support that I have received has been such a blessing to me. As we near the release of the second novel, Poisonous Revenge,... Continue Reading →

A Look Back In Time

Hello, Readers! I was getting ready to write in my journal today. I'd noticed the first page of the journal was almost an exact year ago. Out of curiosity, I decided to read what the journal entries contained. Sure enough, I read that I still questioned the genre that I was writing in. More so,... Continue Reading →

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