2018, January

A Tale of Sadness That Led to a Passion #MFRW

Hello, Readers! While I'm not technically part of the Marketing for Romance Writers group I have been trying to include their 52-week blog challenges into my repertoire as I am working on my first romance novel. This weeks challenge is your earliest memories. This one was gut-wrenching for me. My earliest memories aren't happy memories.… Continue reading A Tale of Sadness That Led to a Passion #MFRW

2018, January

Changes are Coming

Hello, Readers! A lot of you will notice that once again the website is under construction. It is mostly set up, but will see a few more changes as I go along, but nothing major. I wanted a more colorful blog to reflect the fact that I am starting to write in other genres than… Continue reading Changes are Coming

2017, May

Mindsets Change with Life

Hello, Readers! Over the last few years, I've discovered a lot about myself. While there are times I can come up with a lot of story ideas if I do not jump on them right away to work on them I lose the frame of mind I need to be in to write them. Now… Continue reading Mindsets Change with Life

2017, April

While the World Sleeps

Hello, Readers! My sleep cycle is completely shot. This leaves me sleeping most of the morning, but somehow it is working for me so far. While it drives the rest of my family nuts I'm getting more work done during the hours while the world sleeps than I have in a long time. My body… Continue reading While the World Sleeps

2017, April

Sluggishly Back to Work

Hello, Readers! I have to admit returning to work after such a long time off from being so sick can be hard. I have a friend that once called any extensive time off from a novel as a kiss of death. It is during that time that your passion for a novel can wither and… Continue reading Sluggishly Back to Work

2017, April

Back After Sickness

Hello, Readers! It's been awhile since I've blogged or done much of anything. I have come down with a severe sinus infection and while I'm feeling much better than I was, I still am not fully recovered. It's a slow process. However, I'm so glad to be able to work again. I'm grateful for coming… Continue reading Back After Sickness

2017, March

Laying out the outline, fish, and so much more!

Hello, Readers! Wow, last week was a busy one for me. I have no idea what happened to my schedule then. I'll admit to sitting in a slunk in front of the computer screen and not getting much done. It hasn't helped that we've been bogged down with rain, which is common for spring, but… Continue reading Laying out the outline, fish, and so much more!

2017, March

A Late Start

Hello, Readers! This is going to be a short post again as I've been off to a late start. My body is taking much longer to recoup from FanX. I've slept extremely restless the last few nights and my dreams have felt so real. I know I've been tossing and turning. By the time I… Continue reading A Late Start

2017, March

Fan X 17 and my take

Hello, Readers! I spent Friday and Saturday at our local FanX in Salt Lake City. I was super excited to be going because I'd purchased my husband a photo opportunity with one of his musical idols. As a side note, let me mention the hubby man was a DJ for many years before we got… Continue reading Fan X 17 and my take

2017, March, Uncategorized

Camden’s Journey

Hello, Readers! I have had the great fortune to meet many great authors throughout my journey. One of my absolutely favorite series of novels is written by someone I'm very fortunate to call my friend. Which while seems a little bias I dare people to read these novels and not walk away wondering about these… Continue reading Camden’s Journey