2018, January

Changes are Coming

Hello, Readers! A lot of you will notice that once again the website is under construction. It is mostly set up, but will see a few more changes as I go along, but nothing major. I wanted a more colorful blog to reflect the fact that I am starting to write in other genres than… Continue reading Changes are Coming

2018, January

Happy New Year!

Hello, Readers! This is a time for everyone to break out their resolutions, right? I won't say that I don't have things I'd like to see happen in the new year as well, but not as resolutions. I find that those simply don't work for me. I'm one that I've spent year after year saying… Continue reading Happy New Year!

2017, October

Busy Day

Hello, Readers! I'm really getting to this blog post late today. It's been crazy. Today all six of the cakes were baked and put in the freezer ready to go. That was it's own fiasco there. Between trying to balance the baking while watching my grandsons and working with a new cake recipe it was… Continue reading Busy Day

2017, September

Again No Posts

Hello, Readers! Happy Labor Day. Again, I didn't get things posted that I wanted to. This is always how it works for me until I get in the habit of writing the posts extremely early in the morning. I've started to babysit for my oldest while she is at work, which keeps me on my… Continue reading Again No Posts

2017, March

The Notes of the Airborn

Hello, Readers! Everything is moving right along with the Malevolent Mind release. Now that it frees up a lot of my time I've started to work on a new series of novels. When it comes to such a large endeavor that can take me many years I've constructed a way to better help me keep… Continue reading The Notes of the Airborn

2017, February

Next Step Release

Hello, Readers! Thank you all for returning. I have to say that the Malevolent Mind cover release went amazingly well. I had a lot of fun getting to know other authors and bloggers. I hope to get a chance to continue to enjoy their company as well. The next step is for Malevolent Mind to… Continue reading Next Step Release

2017, February

Birds, Fish, and a Giant Cow

Hello, Readers! Interesting title, huh? Glad I got your attention. That title literally explains my Valentine's Day. Let me explain. Yesterday I did my work early in the morning, but it was a rough one for me. I had to lay down to take a nap as the inversion we are facing here in Utah… Continue reading Birds, Fish, and a Giant Cow

2017, January

Aquarium, Fun, and What’s Next

Hello, Readers! This weekend was busy and entertaining. Saturday the hubby and I spent the day hanging out on Saturday. Which maybe wasn't the busiest day of our weekend, but it certainly went by the quickest. Sunday was packed with loads of fun. We joined my younger sister and her family at the Loveland Living… Continue reading Aquarium, Fun, and What’s Next

2017, January

When The Ideas Come Flooding In

Hello, Readers. During this downtime between books, I've read one amazing book 'Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction; How to create out-of-this-world novels and short stories'. I wasn't sure how the book would turn out as I've purchased many writing help books that just didn't seem to hack it. While I won't follow the book verbatim… Continue reading When The Ideas Come Flooding In