2018, January

Changes are Coming

Hello, Readers! A lot of you will notice that once again the website is under construction. It is mostly set up, but will see a few more changes as I go along, but nothing major. I wanted a more colorful blog to reflect the fact that I am starting to write in other genres than… Continue reading Changes are Coming

2017, July

Weathering the Storms

Hello, Readers! I swear, every time I think I'm headed in the right direction another wrench falls. Tuesday found me in a fit of worry as my oldest daughter had been caught the night before in monsoon type rains. The vehicle she was coming home in had slid from the road and it was too… Continue reading Weathering the Storms

2017, June

Writer’s Boot Camp and Restarting

Hello, Readers! What a weekend we had here in this house. As some of you may know it was father's day here in America on Sunday. In our true tradition, we spent the whole weekend celebrating my husband. Saturday, I took him out on a date, just the two of us to the Utah Natural… Continue reading Writer’s Boot Camp and Restarting

2017, March

The Mind Whirls

Hello, Readers! I have kept a sense of the general plot and have decided to do some sort of hybrid of plotting and pantsing for these novels. While I will continue to keep notes as I go along and have a general idea of where I want to go, I'll leave the majority of it… Continue reading The Mind Whirls

2017, February

How Playing MMORPGs Helped Me With Writing

Hello, Readers and Writers! First off, Happy Valentine's Day! I think the title of this post really states what a gaming nerd I am. After all, who else do you know that could convert gaming into such a bonus in all aspects of their lives. 'Gee, it only looks like I'm playing World of Warcraft.… Continue reading How Playing MMORPGs Helped Me With Writing

2017, February

When Things Throw a Curveball

Hello, Readers!! I've seen the cover of Malevolent Mind and it is AMAZING!!! There is only a tiny tweak to make and then we will finalize it. Once that is done then I will do a cover reveal and we will have some fun. As for the editing, it is still in the process of… Continue reading When Things Throw a Curveball

2017, January

Aquarium, Fun, and What’s Next

Hello, Readers! This weekend was busy and entertaining. Saturday the hubby and I spent the day hanging out on Saturday. Which maybe wasn't the busiest day of our weekend, but it certainly went by the quickest. Sunday was packed with loads of fun. We joined my younger sister and her family at the Loveland Living… Continue reading Aquarium, Fun, and What’s Next

2017, January

A Quick Line

Hello, Readers. Today, I thought I'd pop in and drop a quick line. I've talked with my cover artist and we are starting the journey to create the cover and bookmarks for Malevolent Mind. No word yet on how that is going, but I trust her. As for the editing, my editor has come down… Continue reading A Quick Line

2017, January

A Month Before Release

Hello, Readers. Time is really ticking closer. I have to admit I've faced my self-doubts in the last week or so. ┬áThat tends to be the case with any impending release. I doubt there is a single author that releases a novel and doesn't go through these sensations. February will be a month of marketing… Continue reading A Month Before Release

2017, January

When The Ideas Come Flooding In

Hello, Readers. During this downtime between books, I've read one amazing book 'Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction; How to create out-of-this-world novels and short stories'. I wasn't sure how the book would turn out as I've purchased many writing help books that just didn't seem to hack it. While I won't follow the book verbatim… Continue reading When The Ideas Come Flooding In