The Hardest Day of the Week

Hello, Readers!!! When I started the theme days I thought Friday would be the easiest day of the week to fill. After all, it is merely about telling you all the type of things I enjoy. The only problem is that I don't finish projects fast enough to have something to fill every Friday slot.... Continue Reading →

Exhaustion and Recharging

Hello, Readers! I totally slept through yesterday. My body has a funny way of letting me know when I've pushed it too hard and when I need to take time to recharge my batteries. I would say the last month or so it has been complete chaos. The hubby man has been working a string... Continue Reading →

In Search of Creative Refilling

Hello, Readers. Originally I was going to write a post about how different our creative wells can be, how some overrun with ideas while other are almost bone dry. I'm on the lateral of that equation. Anyway, I decided to leave it for the time being and let that one percolate as it turned into... Continue Reading →

The Lines…

Hello, Readers! For the last few weeks I'd say my stress level has risen, and my energy level has plummeted. They also play off each other as well, so the lower my energy level gets, the more stress I experience. I'm one of those that the more stress I have, the more anxiety I suffer... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget to recharge your batteries!

Hello, Readers! Happy Monday! Now, when I tell you not to forget to recharge your batteries I'm not talking about laptops, and phones, though both of those can be quite helpful. Sometimes you find yourself in a writing slump. You're no longer feeling the story that you're writing on, and the words just won't come.... Continue Reading →

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