2018, February

Duck Pond and Long Conversations

Hello, Readers! Due to the fact I don't have a book to review every Wednesday, I think I'll toss those into the mix when I have one ready to go. While I don't know what I'll officially fill this day in with, I do have something for today. Maybe I will fill it in with… Continue reading Duck Pond and Long Conversations

2017, June

Writer’s Boot Camp and Restarting

Hello, Readers! What a weekend we had here in this house. As some of you may know it was father's day here in America on Sunday. In our true tradition, we spent the whole weekend celebrating my husband. Saturday, I took him out on a date, just the two of us to the Utah Natural… Continue reading Writer’s Boot Camp and Restarting

2017, February

Exhaustion and Recharging

Hello, Readers! I totally slept through yesterday. My body has a funny way of letting me know when I've pushed it too hard and when I need to take time to recharge my batteries. I would say the last month or so it has been complete chaos. The hubby man has been working a string… Continue reading Exhaustion and Recharging

2017, January

In Search of Creative Refilling

Hello, Readers. Originally I was going to write a post about how different our creative wells can be, how some overrun with ideas while other are almost bone dry. I'm on the lateral of that equation. Anyway, I decided to leave it for the time being and let that one percolate as it turned into… Continue reading In Search of Creative Refilling

2016, March

Don’t forget to recharge your batteries!

Hello, Readers! Happy Monday! Now, when I tell you not to forget to recharge your batteries I'm not talking about laptops, and phones, though both of those can be quite helpful. Sometimes you find yourself in a writing slump. You're no longer feeling the story that you're writing on, and the words just won't come.… Continue reading Don’t forget to recharge your batteries!